How UGC can take your IG content to the next level

How UGC can take your IG content to the next level

How much do you think all the Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat posts are worth to Starbucks or Costa? Companies that are constantly tagged and hashtagged into? Millions.
Instagram can feel over-saturated with so much content, with often similar or identical posts cluttering the explore page. How can you set yourself apart? Boost interactions and engagement and not have people scroll past your post and onto the next? Easy, with User-Generated Content you can take your Instagram content to the next level!


UGC is authentic content

In a time when users are increasingly aware of their own power over the brands they buy from, and with an abundance of options to choose from, brands can no longer simply put together an expensive photo-shoot (more on that later), publish and see the sales roll in.
Content must be unique, but even marketing departments with mammoth budgets can’t always come up with genius, perfect content that hits the spot every single day. This is where UGC can be so useful. It’s content created by your target market, they provide insights into the pleasure and pain points they suffer/experience.
These insights help you not only producing content but also with product tweaks, the honest unfiltered opinion of genuine users is so much more valuable than information you could get from focus groups for example.


UGC is free: save time and money creating excellent content

Content that converts users is awesome, FREE content that converts users is even better! It’s something we’ve spoken about in a previous article: How UGC is 42% more effective for sales than regular, brand produced content.
A photo-shoot is expensive: photographer, model, support staff etc. They all need to be paid, then there is the time it takes to complete the shoot, time for editing afterwards and putting content together.
UGC however, is done for you, consumers who buy, review and love to wear/eat/play with your product go to the effort of pushing your product to their peers. Users put such high importance on their own Instagram page/stories etc that the content they produce can often be of great quality, meaning you save time and money and (once permission has been granted) you can add it to your own collection of UGC.
Saving time and money is fantastic, but saving resources in this manner brings tremendous benefits. The money for photographer, model etc? That can go to increasing your ads budget and reaching a wider audience, a much better use of your valuable resources. The time spent at the shoot and then editing photos? Minimized. Instead, you simply find the images you wish to incorporate into your own campaign, request permission and boom! It’s ready!
UGC saves time and money and has a positive effect on the conversion rate of those exposed to the content, and you must be using it in your own marketing campaigns.


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