Launching Feed Composer to optimize Dynamic ads

Launching Feed Composer to optimize Dynamic ads

If Dynamic Ads are one of the most powerful tools around for any e-commerce, we here at Adsmurai have focused on improving the possibilities offered by DPA. That's just the way we are, nonconformists.

We analyzed the problems and difficulties that DPA can involve, so that we could suggest improvements to make life easier, and we came up with a new tool that we are now proud to present, Feed Composer.

 Remember: Dynamic ads impact on users who have seen the brand’s e-commerce, and they are then individually re-impacted on viewing the product or similar related products, no matter what type of device is used (cross-device).

Here we explain how the 3 main features work, and give ideas for possible applications:

1. It imports the catalogue in DIY mode (and in any format).

As we discussed in the post "Beyond the Basic Functionality of DPA" (in Spanish), our Katana tool already allowed the importing of multiple product feed formats (CSV, TSV, RSS, XML and so on). Now, in addition, we have simplified product uploading to make it fast, simple and safe. Moreover, it can detect errors in the database and highlight them so that they can be corrected. Now it's also available for SaaS with minimal implementation effort.


Easy Product Feed uploader Easy Product Feed uploader



2.Personalizes and highlights your product images

The “Layouts” tool allows you to easily create graphic templates for images, following the trademark’s branding: make images more uniform, add colors, brands, shapes and text (Name of the product, original price -vs- sales price, etc.). These are just a few examples of the content that can be included to attract users and improve conversions.


Dynamic personalised layouts Dynamic personalised layouts  


3.Segments your catalogs to infinity, and beyond

But what happens if you only promote one, single product category?

One of the most practical options of Feed composer is the possibility of adding conditions and rules to the feed (catalog), so that you can create different product selections according to your interests.

For example: “Summer Sales” (and include only products that have been reduced in price), “green t-shirts” (only products from the same category and color), or even “Products for less than €150” (products <€150). A solution to further align your ads with the campaign goal and therefore, achieve a more coherent and relevant result.


Segment your catalogue and create multiple ones. Segment your catalogue and create multiple ones


Dynamic ads are so successful at conversion level because of the customization of products for each user. Thanks to the pixels and the Facebook algorithm, it recommends related products, whether Upselling: a similar top-of-the-range product; or Cross-selling, a product related to your purchase from another category, such as printer cartridges for the model you bought.

Possible applications

– Test A/B: layouts allows you to create your publicity in “single image” format and carousel. Try out the format that suits you best, or create different styles.


A/B testing Collage - Desigual A/B testing Collage - Desigual


– Broad audience: If you have decided to use “prospecting” to attract a new audience, you will agree on the importance of focusing the advertisements on Brand recognition. And not so much on the product or sales as to attract recurring clients. As for instance, you could incorporate your logo in the photos or the variable price, depending on your goal.


A/B testing Branding vs Performance- Desigual A/B testing Branding vs Performance- Desigual



– Collections: As the product images are small, we can use a layout in a plain color. So, we make the product stand out, and not overload the image.


A/B testing format: Collections - Desigual A/B testing format: Collections


To sum up

Feed composer allows you to decide what products you want to show and how to do this simply, quickly and as attractively as possible, to maximize your sales.  Contact us and try a demo!

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