estrella damm
Estrella Damm

Involving celebrities in the media strategy

Once more, Estrella Damm’s advert announces the beginning of summer in Spain. For 3 years the well-known brewery brand has been using a short film as an ad, challenging their audience to watch a 16 min length video ad. For this reason, the campaign is full of stages, different platforms and generous content to boost reach and keep users engaged during the 3 months the campaign is live.

Their goals & challenges

Improve last year great results

Estrella Damm is a mature but innovative brand that push themselves to improve their results constantly. Their main goal was to surpass last year's results in terms of reach, views and views completed After a complex planification of the 5 different phases, Adsmurai managed to achieve higher rates and lower costs on the 3 main kpi’s versus last year’s.

  • -60% COST PER VIEW (CPV)

Using branded content

Our solution

Branded Content: engage users with the main characters

The use of a short film as an ad is a great challenge for the brand & Adsmurai as the length of any video ad is recommended to be up to a 30 sec. Nonetheless, we proposed to the brand to use some new formats, such Instagram stories (on the first phase) and “Branded content”. About Branded content, the main characters of the ad published the film on their own Facebook accounts and the brand promoted their posts. This format, was an amazing push to engage users to watch the video through their icons accounts and to achieve the expected results (in terms of rates, results and costs, achieving the half vs other formats). Keep also in mind that the characters accounts were not verified with the blue check on Facebook and on the promotion of the post we couldn’t include their names on the caption. Anyway, it works far better than a common promoted post.

Our solution
Fran Soley

With them, there's nothing you cannot achieve. Outstanding brand KPI's and service is assured.

Fran Soley, Digital manager at Estrella Damm