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The 4 New Adsmurai Marketing Platform solutions that Ads Manager does not offer

We set in motion various solutions to make Adsmurai Marketing Platform more efficient than ever. And, most importantly, these said solutions are not even available in Facebook’s Ads Manager

What’s Planning of Adsmurai Marketing Platform?

Planning is an Adsmurai Marketing Platform tool created for the management, scalability and automation of social advertising campaigns. It is an Ads Manager such as the one offered by Facebook, but Planning provides clients with the possibility of customization depending on their needs. It includes certain personalized functionalities that are not included in the original version. We developed a tool based on the real needs of both, the clients and the Account Managers who are the people in charge of implementing this said tool. In the following link you will be able to see the main functions and advantages that it provides.

We are NOT an agency

One of the main requisites for being a Facebook Marketing Partner, is to develop our own software. Adsmurai is a technological company that is able to provide an excellent managed service to the customers who prefer to externalize the process and leave it in expert hands.

New Detailed Functionalities

During the first months of 2018, the team of developers in charged of Adsmurai Marketing Platform focused on creating new functionalities for Planning which, as a result will optimize both, the time of creation and the follow- up of the built campaigns. And, the highlight is that neither of these advantages exist on Facebook’s Ads Manager. Furthermore, the dashboard of the software became more agile, intuitive, and visual. In order words, much more user-friendly. The following are the four new characteristics that are included in this upgrade:

1. Multi ad account

The campaigns’ dashboard allows the user to gather in a unique screen all the campaigns created by all of his/her accounts. This characteristic is especially useful for agencies or brands that have various accounts around the world. For instance, it will be widely used when the user wants to revise quickly all the active campaigns, estimations and do various comparisons between both, different countries and different accounts.

2022_Press_Image_Monitorización del KPI

Katana Dashboard with Multi Ad AccountPlanning Dashboard with Multi Ad Account


2. New Metrics

By using this upgrade, we are able to provide new metrics based on various objectives which will optimize the time used in calculations. Once the objectives are set and clear, the users can enter the platform, select and filter the columns of their interest and save those settings for future occasions. The following are some new metrics that were added to Planning:



Post Interactions: Reactions + Comments + Shares
Post Interaction Rate
Engagement Rate

Cost per Post Interaction

View-Through Rate
View at 100%-Through Rate
View Completion Rate

Cost per Video Completed


Purchases:Website purchases + Mobile app purchases
CPA (Cost per Action): Spend / (Website purchases + Mobile app purchases)
Conversion Value: Website purchases conversion value + Mobile app purchases conversion value
ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend): (Website purchases conversion value + Mobile app purchases conversion value) / Spend
Conversion Rate (Link Clicks): Conversion / Link Clicks
Conversion Rate (Outbound Clicks): Conversion / Outbound Clicks


3. Monitoring of KPI’s

In each result there is an option to add a certain KPI target that, depending on the outcome and the objectives set, will change of color. In other words, there are visual tools that will help you detect instantly the status on a campaign in order to correct it immediately. This innovative visual aid can be applied to every metric involved.


Monitoring of KPI’s Monitoring of KPI’s


4. Shared visibility of the dashboard

Group work will be also optimized using this upgrade. By sharing the URL, different group members can access to the dashboard under the specified settings and copy them in their own.

2022_Press_Image_visualización compartida AMP

 Shared visibility of Asdmurai Marketing Platform dashboard


Do you want more information?

Send us a demo request or your brief: We will work to provide you with a proposal that will fulfil your needs whilst working hand to hand with an expert of your vertical.