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Adsmur.AI, the AI within Adsmurai Marketing Platform

Combining the best of human and artificial intelligence to achieve exceptional results




At Adsmurai, we have been combining human and artificial intelligence to create effective digital strategies for more than 10 years.

Adsmur.AI is our commitment to artificial intelligence integrated into Adsmurai Marketing Platform. It's not a rebranding or a new product; it's the formalization of years of innovative work, using AI to create more effective, efficient, and creative digital strategies.



Brands working with Adsmurai Marketing Platform using Adsmur.AI
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Maximizing your marketing potential with  AI-enhanced features


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From selecting images featuring models that match your target audience demographics to help you tailor messaging on your ad creatives, our AI-driven approach ensures that every ad is not just seen but truly connects with your audience.


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Our AI algorithms intelligently categorize products, saving you countless hours of manual effort. And when it comes to feed generation, Adsmurai.AI ensures that your product data is organized and optimized for various channels.


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When it comes to optimization and reporting, Adsmur.AI provides you with deep, actionable insights, giving you a clear understanding of what's working and what's not, so you can make informed decisions and drive even better results.


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Continuous Improvement

At Adsmurai, we're dedicated to continuous improvement. With our AI-driven solutions, we don't just set it and forget it—we're constantly refining and enhancing your campaigns to deliver even better results.



Discover Adsmur.AI-driven innovations

Automatic product categorization

Feed management with AI-driven product categorization

Adsmurai Marketing Platform's automatic product categorization via AI involves using advanced algorithms to analyze product data, extract key features, and classify products into relevant categories.

This functionality allows you to filter items based on various criteria, such as seasonal products or out-of-stock items.





AI-generated images for better advertising

Image product generator via user prompting

Our AI Image Product Generator uses Google Vertex AI and operates by interpreting user prompts, generating custom images based on semantic understanding, and refining results through user feedback.

By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, it creates high-quality visuals of a certain product aligned with campaign objectives, saving time and enhancing ad effectiveness.

Product dynamic ads background removal

Automatic detection and removal of product backgrounds

Background removal AI utilizes advanced algorithms to separate foreground objects from the background in images.

It detects objects, segments pixels, and extracts the foreground while preserving details. The result is a clean cutout or transparent foreground object (your product) ready for use in your dynamic ads.



Product insights with GenAI

AI-based insights on all your product data

Leveraging GenAI, our algorythms analyze data from your product catalog to provide actionable recommendations for optimizing sales performance. It extracts key features, identifies patterns, and generates insights to improve your marketing product strategies.

By identifying these key features from the product data, you can make more informed decision-making, reduce time spent on manual tasks, and efficiently address catalog issues.

Bring actionable reports with campaign insights

Autogenerated reports with insights on your campaigns results

The Campaign Insights AI analyzes the campaign data to assess its performance against predefined goals and benchmarks. It identifies key metrics, trends, and patterns to understand what has worked well and what areas need improvement.

Based on the analysis, the AI generates actionable insights including suggestions for adjusting targeting parameters, refining ad creatives, reallocating budget, or exploring new advertising channels.




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Happy clients

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With Adsmurai we've made an exceptional team.       We share a passion for challenges, and with them       we always overcome the challenges we set ourselves.


Boris Mercier
Brand Digital & Integrated Media Director

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At MediaMarkt we want it all, and Adsmurai has it all. The most important thing is that we share the same passion. In addition to talent and innovation, it makes us an exceptional team, able to meet any business need, in a context where change and digitization are the order of the day.

Filomena Spranger Jorge
Marketing Manager

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Laura Canada

Adsmurai was a pleasure to work with; not only is their tool extremely robust, efficient, and easy to use, they also provide exceptional customer service and support. Whenever we had questions, concerns, or needed to implement new features, they were always ready to help. Adsmurai has been instrumental in improving the process of Feed management at Laura Canada.

Devora Meroz
Digital Marketing & Paid Campaign Specialist

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Palladium Hotel Group

It is a pleasure to work with Adsmurai, they are professionals in the sector and they are always there when you need them. They listen, propose and test continuously. There's always room for improvement and that's the attitude they work with.  I would like to point out that, in addition to focusing on good results, customer service and predisposition is impeccable.                                                             

Javier Ruiz-Gago
Head of Performance America

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