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  • We are Adsmurai

    We are Adsmurai

    Adsmurai is the leading company in reinventing the frontiers of Social Media Advertising. We combine the development of our own technology, hand in hand with Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, with the highest quality of customer service. We are backed by five years of unstoppable growth, more than 70 professionals in five locations and the great future of this industry. Sign up and help us change the rules of the social networking world.

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    Major experts in
    campaign management

    Excellence is essential in the results of major communication campaigns, especially in digital advertising. The constant training and being the vanguard in the use of new formats and strategies make our account teams real experts in the new communications media. We work with big brands and take care of our customers like no-one else. If you want to discover the latest in social media advertising, this is your team.

  • Facebook

    Developers at the core,
    hand in hand with Facebook

    Technology and development teams are the driving force behind Adsmurai. Our technological solutions have always been the key to our success. We are very special partners of Facebook and Instagram because our certifications are unique in Europe, which allows us to be in the key forums and be the first to test Betas (including Alfas). If you enjoy developing and working with Agile, join our team.

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    Good people,
    good environment,
    quality of life

    At Adsmurai we like authentic and transparent people. Our culture is in line with the universal values of freedom, cooperation and passion for improvement. We used to say that nobody invited us to this party but now we're organizing the best ones. Terrace, beer, barbecue, good atmosphere and above all, good people.

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    We are located in
    Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga,
    Mexico City and Bogotá.

    Adsmurai's headquarters are in the heart of Barcelona's Paseo de Gracia, the main commercial hub of one of the most attractive Mediterranean destinations in the world. In Madrid we are in the heart of the Salamanca district, undoubtedly the most elegant and prestigious area of the city, and the headquarters in Málaga shares the vibes of the co-working spaces with the spirit of the south. We are also located in México City and Bogotá, offices that are spearheading the growth of Social Media Advertising in Latin America. Which is your favourite office?

  • Team Testimonials

    • Marga Martínez-2

      Marga Martínez

      Account Manager

      "Adsmurai provides with the opportunity to be part of an ambitious and super exciting project with top-notch players. This adds up to a team that naturally pursues continuous improvement, innovation and success. An outstanding combination!"

    • Ismael Blazquez

      Ismael Blazquez

      EMEA Head of Sales

      "Working whilst enjoying is a matter of attitude. At Adsmurai, the ideal working environment is created so that the team's involvement is at its maximum in offering the best service and results."

    Culture and team


    • Spain
    • France
    • Italy
    • Russia
    • Philippines
    • Portugal
    • Venezuela
    • Mexico
    • Colombia
    • Holanda
    • Peru
    • Argentina
    • Ukraine
    • Brazil
    • China
    • Honduras
    • Poland
    • Finland


    Company values

    • Make  things  happen


    • Walk,  run,  fly


    • Passionate  players


    • Work  together


    We're constantly looking for talent!


    Digital Account Manager Intern
    Client Digital Success

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