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Marketing data analytics for real-time decision-making

Build media plans from scratch by unleashing the power of campaign data analytics



Design multi-platform strategies


Outline your goals, target, and advertising channels in a media plan, and distribute your campaign budget to achieve maximum benefit on your multi-platform strategies.

Make better decisions by taking advantage of your campaign data to plan compelling advertising campaigns.

Create media plans


Multi-plataform monitoring



Track all of your campaigns


Connect your ad accounts and easily view which platforms you are advertising on, and the performance of your campaigns.

Save time by comparing, grouping, and analyzing the performance of all your campaigns and ads in just one place.


Control your budget and KPIs in real-time


Define your campaign's key metrics, make cross-platform analysis, and draw conclusions based on your results.

Avoid overspend by controlling your campaign budgets, and anticipate unexpected deviations from your media plan.

Performance visualization


Analyze, synchronize and control your data

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Create custom reports

Easily understand your business results with highly visual and custom reports: include your main metrics, channels, target audiences, and data sources.

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Synchronize Google Analytics data

Add Google Analytics data to your reports and compare the purchases attributed to each of the channels.

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Gain insights with pivot tables

Add granularity to your campaign data based on your campaign name, line of business, country, objective, platform, and audience type.

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Control your budget 

Track automatically the ad spend and acquire relevant information on your campaign progress or any deviation according to your media plan.

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Anomaly detection

Receive early alerts whenever the system detects an anomaly in crucial metrics and solve issues before they impact budget and campaign performance.

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Historical data access

Store and keep track of all your company’s campaign performance data.


Integrates with the main digital platforms

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It is an intuitive and easy to use tool. It helps me to consult data quickly, filtering by campaigns and seeing in the same line all the data I need. As an improvement I would say that when new campaigns are created, it takes a little time to display data, if it were done automatically, it would be better.
Izaskun Gredilla
Community & Social Media Manager at Alsa

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