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 AMP Get started

All your Paid Media in a single place

Easily plan and measure your Paid Media Strategy across all channels with Adsmurai Marketing Platform


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Organize your entire strategy from one place

Design a multi-platform strategy and quickly visualize the performance of your Paid Media Ads

Define media plans, activate campaigns on all platforms and track your spending in real time.

1) Control your budget

Define and control the budget of your campaigns avoiding overspend and anticipating unexpected deviations from your media plan.

2) Forget about decentralized data

Compare, group and analyze the performance of all your campaigns by platform, country, objective, and even ad from one place.

3) Easily optimize your campaigns

Receive recommendations and move from intuitive to data-driven decisions to allocate your budget and plan your campaigns.

Analyze and optimize your product feeds

Automatically adapt your product catalog and create specific feeds for each platform

Transfer all your product data from your marketplace, filter and create optimized feeds, and make the most of your catalog information.

1) Generate multiple optimized feeds

Quickly extract data of all your products, diagnose your catalog and generate optimized feeds for all your campaigns.

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2) Automatically update your feed

Schedule when you want your product catalog to be updated, synchronize it with your channels, and forget about more manual work.

3) Simplify feed management 

Easily send and synchronize your product feeds with multiple platforms and channels.

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Design creatives for your dynamic ads

Customize your product images and generate ads that capture the attention of your audience

Create templates with your brand's graphic line, include dynamic elements according to your goal and generate product sets for each platform.

1) Design better creatives in seconds

Generate or import your own custom templates, improve your ad quality with AI, and build ad creatives in a few clicks.

2) Personalize your message according to your target

Personalize with dynamic elements and apply creatives to all your product sets at the same time.

3) Adapt your designs to the formats of each platform

Save time and automatically adjust your creatives to the formats and specifications of each platform.

Visualize the impact of your campaigns on all channels

Monitor your digital strategy with real-time campaign results

Filter, aggregate and compare your campaign data, and detect growth opportunities for your business.

1) Monitor and track your campaigns

View the performance of all your active campaigns from a single place with real-time, up-to-date data.

2) Discover the best performing channels

Filter data by objectives, platforms and time periods, and compare it with data from your web analytics tools.

3) Tailor the data you see to your interests

Create custom KPIs, add or remove metrics, aggregate data from all your channels and advertising accounts, and view the information as you prefer.



Connect on multiple platforms through Adsmurai Marketing Platorm

Our integrations:

Although dynamic ads are a great marketing tool it can be a bumpy ride to set them up. Bloom and Adsmurai have successfully faced these challenges in the past with various clients and turned them into competitive advantages.
Maria Egorova
Performance Supervisor at Bloom
Adsmurai was a pleasure to work with; not only is their tool extremely efficient and easy to use, but they also provide exceptional customer service and support. Adsmurai has been instrumental in improving the feed management process at Laura Canada.
Devora Meroz
Digital Marketing & Paid Campaign Specialist at Laura Canada
Thanks to Feeds we have been able to automate our ads, being able to scale our campaigns without losing quality. The workflow with Adsmurai is excellent, in fact it is as if we were part of the same company. We are a solid team.
Maria Jesús Alonso
RRSS Campaign Manager at UOC
With Adsmurai Marketing Platform, we have been able to increase conversions on Facebook and users can easily identify the most relevant ad. Adsmurai has helped us every step of the way and we couldn't be more grateful.
Patricia Galán
Digital Marketing Specialist at Wallapop

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