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All your Paid Media in a single place

Easily plan and measure your paid media strategy across all channels with Adsmurai Marketing Platform


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Discover Adsmurai Marketing Platform

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Organize your entire digital strategy

Design a multi-platform strategy and quickly visualize the performance of your Paid Media Ads

  • Define media plans
  • Activate campaigns on all platforms
  • Track your spending in real time

Analyze and optimize your product feeds

Automatically adapt your product catalog and create specific feeds for each platform

  • Transfer all your product data from your marketplace
  • Filter and create optimized feeds
  • Make the most of your catalog information
Feeds-product data

Design creatives for your dynamic ads

Customize your product images and generate ads that capture the attention of your audience

  • Create templates with your brand's graphic line
  • Include dynamic elements according to your goal
  • Remove backgrounds easily from your images with AI
  • Generate product sets for each platform

Visualize the impact of your campaigns 

Monitor your digital strategy with real-time campaign results

  • Filter, aggregate and compare your campaign data
  • Detect growth opportunities for your business

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Discover Adsmurai Marketing Platform

Adsmurai has been fulfilling all our needs from day one. The team clearly understood our challenges and the opportunities in crafted a solid media plan to help us grow.

Christophe Lephilibert, Christophe Lephilibert, Director of Marketing & Growth at Electromaps


Why marketing teams love Adsmurai Marketing Platform

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Gain actionable insights

Track GA data alongside FB, TikTok, etc. metrics without pulling data separately and quickly compare your results.

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Build enhancing dynamic ads

All the tools you need to design your own dynamic product ads and spot opportunities to improve your product sets.


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Easy workflow

Gain agility and reduce the time spent managing your campaigns with feed automations and a fast-acting customer support team.

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Report faster

Create custom metrics based on your data, set KPIs directly on the platform, and monitor them daily at a glance.




Adsmurai was a pleasure to work with; not only is their tool extremely efficient and easy to use, but they also provide exceptional customer service and support. Adsmurai has been instrumental in improving the feed management process at Laura Canada.

Devora Meroz
Digital Marketing and Paid Campaign Specialist


Why managers love Adsmurai Marketing Platform


Thanks to Adsmurai Marketing Platform we have been able to automate our ads, being able to scale our campaigns without losing quality.

The workflow with Adsmurai is excellent, in fact it is as if we were part of the same company. We are a solid team.

Maria Jesús Alonso
RRSS Campaign Manager


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Track your ad spending
Control your budget, discover which channel gives you better ROAS, and realize how effective your marketing efforts are.

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Empower teams
Let your team manage from small to large advertising structures while pumping out hundreds of ads at the same time.

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Improve productivity
Speed up your team's workflow, save their time and let them focus on strategy, optimization and reporting.

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Detect growth opportunities
Make data-driven decisions to allocate your budget and plan your campaigns with powerful analytics panels.

Integrates with the main digital platforms

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