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Partner program

Need to run paid media strategies across multiple channels for your clients? Become an Adsmurai Marketing Platform Partner 


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Multi-client management

Get advanced control and efficiency when managing multiple clients.

Make better-informed decisions, exercise greater control over their businesses, streamline operations for enhanced efficiency, and facilitate improved coordination among team members and clients.

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Release your client's full potential


Optimize your client's product feeds and build attention-grabbing ad creatives that resonate with your audience and drive higher conversion rates.

Fine-tune ad creatives using data-driven insights to maximize their impact and boost conversion rates.

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Why become a partner

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Gain commission rates
Gain generous bonuses designed to recognize and appreciate your efforts as a Partner.

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Access to exclusive resources
Training and certification for your agency and teams to become an Adsmurai Marketing Platform Partner certified.

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Constant partner support
Speed up your team's workflow, save their time and let them focus on strategy, optimization, and reporting with constant partner support.

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Co-marketing activities
Marketing initiatives (blog content pieces, co-branded case studies, joint webinars, etc) that leverage each other's expertise and audiences.

How to become a partner


Agency Agreement

Contact us and sign the Adsmurai Marketing Platform Partner Agency Agreement to start.


Account set up

Get your first account live in Adsmurai Marketing Platform with our Customer Success team support.


Referral bonus

If your agency accounts in Adsmurai Marketing Platform add up at least 500$, start receiving your bonus.

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Partner tiers

  essential partner program advanced partner premium partner program elite partner program
Bonus for managed accounts
Gain a commission every time you refer a client
(50$ - 250$)
(300$ - 800$)
(800$ - 1.800$)
(2.000$ and over)
1 month AMP free trial
Gain a free month of Adsmurai Marketing Platform full-access
3 month Backoffice Tool free trial
Gain a free month of Adsmurai Back Office tool full-access, a tool exclusive for agencies
Platform features
Get full access of Planning, Feeds, Creatives and Dashboards
Custom layouts
Ad creatives adapted to your brand built by our team
Extraruns during high season
Gain product feed extra runs during high season.
Global dashboard
Monitor campaign spend by client and platform with customizable views by team and date range.
Set client expectations based on market data and trends and allocate performance based on metrics by verticals, platforms or markets.
Beta testing priority
Gain full access to the latest beta features of Adsmurai Marketing Platform
Co-marketing actions
Generate more brand awareness or leads with promotional co-marketing activities such as ebooks, webinars or more.
Sales assets
Gain full access to sales assets of Adsmurai Marketing Platform
Exclusive platform updates
Stay ahead with timely information on any changes or updates to advertising platforms.
Invitation to product roundtables
Online or face-to-face meetings where managers gather to learn about AMP product updates and ask questions about the platform to AMP’s product owners
Free training for the team
Free Adsmurai Marketing Platform training for all your team
Free consultancy from Adsmurai experts
Consultancy from our experts: from technical consultancy to paid media
3-months unlimited support
Support provided by our Customer Success team
Support hours onwards
Support hours included after the 3-months unlimited support
- 12h/month 12h/month 20h/month
Account audits
Health audits of your AMP accounts
    2/year 2/year
New features training
Training on new platform features with hands-on practice, sharing use cases, best practices, and more
Strategic platform training
Develop strategic skills and knowledge for planning, decision-making, and executing long-term goals in Adsmurai Marketing Platform
    2/year 2/year



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Although dynamic ads are a great marketing tool it can be a bumpy ride to set them up. Bloom and Adsmurai have successfully faced these challenges in the past with various clients and turned them into competitive advantages.
Maria Egorova
Performance Supervisor at Bloom

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Become an Adsmurai Marketing Platform partner

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