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Social Media Advertising by building
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Adsmurai is a start-up created by social media advertising specialists.

Adsmurai was created at the beginning of 2014 as one of the first companies in Spain with the official Facebook Marketing Partners certification. We now have more than 50 employees distributed across Europe and America.
With its own Adsmurai Marketing Platform software, Adsmurai works hand-in-hand with every customer to offer them the most suitable solutions and thus achieve their digital marketing goals.
Adsmurai has been gaining a reputation for commitment and improvement with the services it provides to customers. As a start-up, it believes in innovation, in breaking away from what is traditional and in the efficiency of the work translated into results.

Here we are.

A great team.

  • Adolfo Ortiz

    Adolfo Ortiz

    Account Manager

  • Alba Santacreu

    Alba Santacreu

    Head of People, Talent and Culture

  • Alba Millán

    Alba Millán

    Account Manager

  • Ana Gala Giménez

    Ana Gala Giménez

    Global Account Management Director

  • Anna Carles

    Anna Carles

    Account Manager

  • Anna Indira Marcè

    Anna Indira Marcè

    Account Manager

  • Anna Rodríguez

    Anna Rodríguez

    Account Manager

  • Anna Sutil

    Anna Sutil

    Community Manager

  • Apolo Flores

    Apolo Flores

    New Business Puig Account

  • Berta Campos

    Berta Campos

    Client Service

  • Blanca Peroy

    Blanca Peroy

    Account Manager

  • Camila Medina

    Camila Medina

    People Business Partners

  • Carles García

    Carles García

    Frontend developer

  • Carlos Salgado

    Carlos Salgado

    UX Researcher

  • Charlotte Bonnet

    Charlotte Bonnet

    Account Manager

  • Cindy Mazoué

    Cindy Mazoué

    Account Manager

  • Daniel Fernández

    Daniel Fernández

    Account Manager

  • Dani Mora

    Dani Mora

    Machine learning and applied research

  • Desiree de Palma

    Desiree de Palma

    Account Manager

  • Eduard Jaumandreu

    Eduard Jaumandreu

    Accounting Specialist

  • Emilio Luque

    Emilio Luque

    Financial Controller

  • Elena Orviz

    Elena Orviz

    Account Manager

  • Ernesto Arroyo

    Ernesto Arroyo

    Product Owner

  • Fátima Rodriguez

    Fátima Rodriguez

    Product Manager

  • Fernanda Salinas

    Fernanda Salinas

    Head of Account Management Colombia

  • Fernando Ávila

    Fernando Ávila

    Account Manager

  • Ferran Ollé

    Ferran Ollé

    Agile Coach

  • Floreal Pecino

    Floreal Pecino

    UX Researcher

  • Fran Pérez

    Fran Pérez

    Software Engineer

  • Gabriela Caruana

    Gabriela Caruana

    Account Manager

  • Gina Solé - Product Content Manager

    Gina Solé

    Product Content Manager

  • Guillem Espinosa

    Guillem Espinosa

    Backend Engineer

  • Guillermo Bernat

    Guillermo Bernat

    Solutions Engineering Director

  • Ignacio Briceño

    Ignacio Briceño

    Account Manager

  • Hermán Velayos

    Hermán Velayos

    Head of Account Management Madrid

  • Irene Armengol

    Irene Armengol

    Account Manager

  • Irene Matías

    Irene Matías

    VP of Sales

  • Ismael Blázquez

    Ismael Blázquez

    Sales Director Spain

  • Jaume Casado

    Jaume Casado

    Software Engineer

  • Jaume Puig

    Jaume Puig


  • Javier Castro

    Javier Castro

    Socio Director Colombia

  • Javier Díaz-Berrio

    Javier Díaz-Berrio

    Account Manager

  • Javier Gómez

    Javier Gómez

    Software Engineer

  • Jenny García

    Jenny García

    Account Manager

  • Jonatan Poveda

    Jonatan Poveda

    Machine learning and applied research

  • Joona Prosi

    Joona Prosi

    Sales Representative

  • Jordi Campeny

    Jordi Campeny

    Software Engineer

  • Jordi Isern

    Jordi Isern

    Account Manager

  • Jorge Mandeiro

    Jorge Mandeiro

    Account Manager

  • Jose David Pérez Maroto

    Jose David Pérez Maroto

    Managing Partner Adsmurai Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

  • Juan Antonio Robles

    Juan Antonio Robles

    Co-Founder and VP Customer Success

  • Juan Chasan

    Juan Chasan

    Account Manager

  • Juanma Mingot

    Juanma Mingot

    Tech Lead

  • Karina Pacheco

    Karina Pacheco

    Head of Account Management México

  • Katherine Figueroa

    Katherine Figueroa

    Account Manager

  • Laia Pascual

    Laia Pascual

    Account Manager

  • Laura Campos

    Laura Campos

    Account Manager

  • Laura Carbonell

    Laura Carbonell

    Account Manager

  • Laura Castells

    Laura Castells

    Account Manager

  • Laura Díaz

    Laura Díaz

    Account Manager

  • Luis Carrillo

    Luis Carrillo

    Product Owner

  • Manel Fernández

    Manel Rodríguez

    Account Manager

  • Manuela Pla

    Manuela Pla

    Account Manager

  • Marc Casoliva

    Marc Casoliva

    Software Engineer

  • Marc Elena

    Marc Elena

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Marc Hill

    Marc Hill

    Backend Engineer

  • Marga Martínez

    Marga Martínez

    Account Manager

  • Mariona Gassó

    Mariona Gassó

    People Business Partners

  • Marta López

    Marta López

    Marketing and Communications

  • Mauro Gómez

    Mauro Gómez

    Tech Lead

  • Mili de Goycoechea

    Mili de Goycoechea

    Accounts Receivables Specialist

  • Mirjam de Vries

    Mirjam de Vries

    Business Analyst

  • Nadia Solis

    Nadia Solis


  • Natalia Bulyshchenko

    Natalia Bulyshchenko

    Account Manager

  • Noelia Aguilar

    Noelia Aguilar

    Office Manager

  • Oscar Orti

    Oscar Orti

    Machine learning and applied research

  • Otto Wust

    Otto Wust

    Co-Founder and COO

  • Ona Cruells

    Ona Cruells

    Account Manager

  • Pere Quintana

    Pere Quintana

    Marketing Director

  • Pedro Aguado

    Pedro Aguado

    Account Manager

  • Pierre Ricard

    Pierre Ricard

    Account Manager

  • Rocío García

    Rocío García

    Account Manager

  • Ruben Tous

    Ruben Tous

    Scientific Advisor

  • Serena Vacas

    Serena Vacas

    UI Designer

  • Shareen de Jager

    Shareen de Jager

    Account Manager

  • Tania Lara

    Tania Lara

    Account Manager

  • Toni Penya Alba

    Toni Penya Alba

    Machine learning and applied research

  • Uri Digón

    Uri Digón

    Account Manager

  • Vanesa Marioni

    Vanesa Marioni

    Account Manager

  • Victor Molina

    Víctor Molina

    UX Researcher

  • Xavier Carmona

    Xavi Carmona

    Account Manager

  • Xavi Matencio

    Xavi Matencio

    Account Manager

  • Xavi Marín

    Xavi Marín

    Account Manager

  • Xavi Renieblas

    Xavi Renieblas

    Sales Representative

  • Xavier Sala

    Xavier Sala

    Head of Account Management Barcelona

Our Partners

  • Facebook

    Marketing Partners

    We have been Facebook Marketing Partners since 2015. We form part of the "Accelerate" programme that seeks to increase the synergy between the platform and technology to offer better customer service.

  • Instagram

    Marketing Partners

    At Adsmurai we have been an Instagram Partner since November 2015. We were one of the first countries in Southern Europe to publish ads on Instagram, in August of that same year. Therefore, we managed to establish the partnership with the results we achieved.
  • Twitter

    API Access

    We have access to Twitter's technology and form part of their technology development strategy. Through our software, we work hand-in-hand with the advertiser to increase the performance of their campaigns, improve analytics and increase efficiency.

  • Google


    We are part of the Google Partners programme for advertising agencies. Specialised in YouTube, we are responsible for managing and optimising campaigns quickly and efficiently. We also have preference to test new formats and functions.

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