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Strategic planning to maximize performance in the Peak Season

[Ebook] Strategic planning to maximize performance in the Peak Season

Discover how to optimize your marketing campaigns during peak seasons with strategies based on market analysis and consumer behavior. This ebook guides you through detailed planning, efficient budget allocation and multi-channel marketing...

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ebook creatividad

[Ebook] Importance of creativity and data in digital presence

In the digital age, creativity alone is not enough to ensure the success of advertising campaigns. Market saturation and short consumer attention...

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ebook real state

[Ebook] Paid Media Strategies for the Real Estate Sector

In Real Estate, Paid Media campaigns are fundamental to reach potential buyers and sellers ofproperties in a highly competitive and constantly...

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snapchat ads

[Ebook] Snapchat Ads: The essential guide to campaign success

The versatility of Snapchat Ads makes them suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you're looking to drive online sales,...

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seo 101

[Ebook] SEO 101: Practical strategies to improve your positioning

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a fundamental discipline in the digital world. In this ebook, we will explore in depth what SEO is and how you...

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privicidad digital 2024

[Ebook] Regulatory and technological developments in Digital Privacy 2024

In a landscape where laws and technology are converging, it is essential to understand the global implications of these changes. From updates to the...

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escalabilidad creativa en Paid Social Advertising

[Ebook] Creative scalability in Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social platforms are evolving at a dizzying pace, imposing a constant demand for adaptability on brands. The speed of change demands not only...

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implementación Conversions API con GTM

[Ebook] Ultimate guide to Conversions API implementation with Google Tag Manager

with Google's announcement of the discontinuation of third-party cookies starting in 2024, advertisers faced a potential 300% drop in online...

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google ads seasonal peaks

[Ebook] Optimize your Google Ads campaigns for seasonal peaks

Find out how to boost your Google Ads campaigns at key times with our exclusive ebook on optimising for seasonal peaks by vertical! Get effective...

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TikTok Ads

[Ebook] Definitive guide to TikTok Ads strategy

TikTok is an entertainment platform powered by a community of over 1.1 billion monthly active users. Thanks to its algorithm, TikTok creates a "For...

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