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Feed management for your product data

Create optimized feeds and target your audience with the right products, at the right time


Build high-performing product feeds


Improve your product feeds with custom labels


Create high-performing product ads by filtering and enriching your product catalog with the most relevant items to publish on each platform.

Add labels to products or groups of products to target your audience with key collections, top sellers, seasonal products, etc.

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Filter products and transform them at will


Scale your product campaigns in multiple countries, languages, or objectives: exclude products without stock, target your users with discounted products, best sellers, and more in a fast and easy way, without depending on a technical team

  • Categories
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Rules
  • URL Params
  • Stock



Deliver the core of your brand on every design


Connect your optimized feed with our creative management tool and deliver powerful on-brand creative ads to inspire your audience everywhere. 

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Send optimized feeds to every online channel


Quickly extract your product catalog from your marketplace, generate optimized feeds for all your campaigns, and send them directly to the main digital platforms.


Make the most of your catalog information

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Build remarketing feeds

Create custom feeds to enhance your remarketing campaigns based on your historical data such as Purchases, ROAS, CPA, CTR, CPC, and more.

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Take advantage of AI&ML

Select images with a human model instead of plain product images, enrich your feeds with e-commerce sales data, or set the Google Product Category.

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Design powerful creatives

Connect your optimized feeds with our creative management tool and build dynamic templates to promote your products on every platform.

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Save more than 5h a week in manual tasks

Schedule when you want your product catalog to be updated, synchronize it with your channels and forget about more manual work.

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Send feeds to paid and organic listings

Make your products show up on every channel and ensure you rank higher than your competition by optimizing your feed and sending it to all your listings.

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Build product feeds without depending on your IT team

Adapt and adjust your product feeds by adding or excluding items based on their performance (transactions, conversion rate, etc.)


Integrates with the main digital platforms

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Although dynamic ads are a great marketing tool it can be a bumpy ride to set them up. Bloom and Adsmurai have successfully faced these challenges in the past with various clients and turned them into competitive advantages.
Maria Egorova
Performance Supervisor, Bloom
Working with Adsmurai has allowed us to find technological solutions that have greatly facilitated the management of feeds for use in different advertising platforms, as well as their adaptation to avoid language conflicts, so we have been able to be more effective when advertising in different markets. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the proactive nature of Adsmurai, very oriented to help us improve our results by proposing new solutions, such as the automatic collections of top sales.
Álex Sánchez
Chief Marketing Officer, Polo Club
With Adsmurai we have found an ally to achieve the growth in sales that we have set for ourselves, they have fulfilled the proposal of the results that they have offered us since they became our partners. They are diligent, proactive and we are happy to have them as part of the Agaval team.
Felipe Valderrama
E-Commerce Director, AGAVAL

Start targeting your audience with the right products, at the right time



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