16 women come together in #STRWOMENTALK by Stradivarius

Stradivarius, one of the young brands of the Inditex Group, launched its first campaign in commemoration of the International Women’s Day through #STRWOMENTALK. A testimonial video that connects the voices of 16 women to generate a common speech on their force in society.

Objectives & Challenges

Youtube as part of the strategy

The campaign, targeted to Spain, run for 1 week. For the first time, Youtube took an important part of the social strategy of Stradivarius.Trueview in-stream was the format chosen. As features included, the ad is shown before the organic content starts and it’s skippable. This last aspect, made our objective, to get the most of complete views, a real challenge as the video was 3:30 min length, much more than the average for this kind of videos. In terms of targeting, the campaign was segmented by interests, affinity audiences and topics which let us optimized the best performing one to get the most of the investment. It was a very emotional campaign. The objective of which, a part from video views, was to get users closer to the brand.

  • +22,5% VTR%*
  • 27% VCR%*
  • -39% COST PER VIEW*

*More than the VTR% Retail avg. in Spain (using the same format within the last 12 months).

The success

Dare to stand out over the others

Once the campaign ended, we proved that #STRWOMENTALK was a big success. VTR% achieved 58.5% Which means that 2 out of every 3 users viewed the video more than 30 seconds. VCR% results got to 27%, even higher than the market average per 30 ". In terms of costs, each view was 0.01€, the cheapest cost available on Youtube. A success due to dared to stand out over the others.

The success
Haruki Hayashi

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Haruki Hayashi, Digital Communication Manager at Stradivarius