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Stradivarius and female power


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Promotional image of Stradivarius Women Talk


Discover how Stradivarius celebrated Women's Day


Stradivarius celebrated Women's Day, giving them a voice in a Youtube campaign. Find details and KPIs in this amazing Case Study.

International Women's Day was institutionalized by the United Nations in 1975. It commemorates the struggle of women for their participation, on the basis of equal opportunities, in society and in their integral development as a person. The 8th of March is commemorated every year.

The media context of 2017 enhanced this struggle. Whether through the #MeToo movement, the success of films with the empowerment of female figures ("Wonder Woman", "Hidden Figures"...) or even in sectoral environments (such as the "Women in Tech" movement), it represents a universal social change that cuts across generations, cultures and religions.

Stradivarius, one of the main young fashion brands of the Inditex Group, wanted to pay tribute to the commemoration of the 8th of March.


Decrease in Cost per view


Increase in VTR


Trueview in-stream


To this end, Stradivarius launched the #STRWOMENTALK campaign, giving voice to 16 women, for which YouTube would be the main media platform. 

The "Women Talk" campaign, only focused on Spain, was active for a week. For the first time, Stradivarius decided to have a presence on Youtube. The format chosen was Trueview in-stream. As features, the ad is played prior to organic content and is "skippable". This made it difficult to achieve the maximum full views, as the video is more than 3.5 minutes long (more than the industry average).

The campaign was segmented by interests, related audiences and themes, which allowed to optimize and make the most of the investment made. It was a very emotional campaign, which sought, in addition to the objectives by platform, to bring users closer to the brand.

Stradivarius Women Talk image
Stradivarius Women Talk image




With a complete and detailed management of the campaign, "Women Talk" achieved a VTR of more than 22.5% above the average of View Through Rate retail in Spain.

Of the total number of users who watched the video, 27% saw it in its entirety, even though they were aware that it was a skipable format of more than 3.5 minutes.

It also achieved a cost per view 39% below the average for the retail sector in Spain, demonstrating that offering personalized content is essential to obtain the best results, even more so in such an important context.


It should be mentioned that Google has also highlighted this Case Study as an exemplary success story. 

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Haruki Hayashi
Digital Communication Manager

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