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Redefining store traffic


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MediaMarkt store map


The activation of Store Visits on Facebook


MediaMarkt is the leading company in Spain and Europe in the distribution sector of consumer electronics and related services. Integrated in MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, the company has more than 1,000 points of sale in 14 countries and a staff of 65,000 people. In Spain, MediaMarkt is present in all the regions with almost 90 establishments in addition to the online store.

MediaMarkt's success is based on its constant adaptation to new consumer trends, the wide variety of customer services, the unique and personalized shopping experience and the wide range of products from the best brands at low prices. All this, together with the team of professionals focused on finding solutions for customers and an unmistakable advertising presence.






Customer traffic


With the challenge of continuing to improve customer traffic to its network of physical stores and the importance of Facebook in both market penetration and use, MediaMarkt Spain sets as a goal the possibility of combining both realities.

Based on conversations with Facebook, it was proposed to activate the Store Visits target (currently known as Store Traffic) with "Store Visits" metric, in Beta phase (version of the solution in internal test phase).

This solution makes it possible to reach potential customers through geolocation, impact them with a personalized ad and finally measure the number of visits to the store. This is achieved by combining various technologies such as active location, user records, survey data, passive Wi-Fi, etc.

MediaMarkt store
MediaMarkt Portugal DPA


Store Visits


In Spain, over a period of six months, half a million store visits were generated attributable to this Store Visits campaign as a result of the strategy carried out between Adsmurai and Facebook. The data generated also provides personalized information for each store.

To this day, work continues on linking these results with physical store sales through offline conversions. All this in order to trace the purchase process of a user, from viewing an ad on Facebook, until they end up buying the product in the physical store.

Innovation still is MediaMarkt's motto, taking the omnichannel experience to a new level with these developments.

At MediaMarkt we want it all, and Adsmurai has it all. The most important thing is that we share the same passion. In addition to talent and innovation, it makes us an exceptional team, able to meet any business need, in a context where change and digitization are the order of the day.
Cristina Reverté
Marketing Specialist

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