Personalize ads for all your audience

Uterqüe, the youngest brand of the world-know Inditex, sells garments & accessories for women. Because of its youth, the brand has a high understanding on what customers look for in terms of fashion, communication & social media. For this reason, we strongly believe Uterqüe outstanding growing deserves a Case Study. Specifically, this campaign takes place in Spain during October 2017.

Objective & Challenge

Being the first ¿tester or pioneer?

Since beginning of 2017, Uterqüe invests ongoing campaigns on Dynamic ads. From then, its sells grown drastically but, its aspiration to keep growing and its already old alliance with Adsmurai, social advertising agency, push them to always be the first to try new products. When Adsmurai launches its latest product, Feed Composer to optimize Dynamic Ads, Uterqüe doesn’t hesitate to invest in it.

  • -35.7% CPA
  • +95.5% ROAS
  • 4,3% CTR

*vs last Dynamic ads campaign without Feed Composer

Our solution

Feed​ ​Composer,​ ​makes​ ​good​ ​better

Feed Composer to easily upload & segment dynamic catalogues, also includes a creative tool: Layouts. This solution, let the brand personalize & embellish their product images with its own look & feel. You can add dynamic text (specify price, name or product category), include shapes, colorful backgrounds or collage different pics. Moreover, you can use a different creative template for ad format, platform or categories. Wherever your imagination takes you. The result is that all this creatives attract users, makes them feel closer to the brand and as proved, ROAS increases.

Our solution