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Setting up GA4 is challenging,

we've got your back


Whether you've automatically migrated to Google Analytics 4 without any

personalization, or set it up by yourself and need more complex configurations,

we are here to help

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How we work

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GA4 and GTM audit

We'll provide a comprehensive mapping of your current Google Analytics account, detailing every aspect within it. While some features may not directly translate to GA4 at present, our mapping ensures future transitions are smooth as Google introduces new functionalities.

Additionally, our team will conduct a thorough audit of your GA4 properties and GTM containers. This audit will identify available data, potential additions to enhance reporting, and pinpoint any necessary updates to tags, triggers, and variables within GTM.

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GA4 configuration

We'll kickstart your GA4 journey by seamlessly setting up everything you need. This includes adding the GA4 code to your website, establishing a new Google Analytics property, and initiating data collection. Here's a detailed breakdown of some tasks involved:

  1. Structuring your account & properties

  2. Creating data streams (web and app)

  3. Integrating GA with Google Ads and Google Search Console

  4. Migrating custom events, goals, conversions, and transferring audiences

  5. Migrating ecommerce data collection

  6. Handling custom dimensions/metrics, referral exclusions, and more

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GA4 tracking strategy

We will map out the ideal configuration for GA4, covering various aspects such as event, key events and conversion tracking, custom dimensions for event parameters, ecommerce tracking, user properties like User ID, content groups, and custom audiences.

Additionally, we'll conduct a thorough data cleanup where needed, ensuring a smooth transition by reviewing, debugging, and rectifying any unnecessary or improperly implemented elements.





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GTM mapping and migration

Our commitment doesn't end with setup. We'll configure and deploy your GTM container(s), meticulously testing and debugging all new tracking. 

This will ensure that all tags, triggers, and variables seamlessly transition to the new environment, maintaining tracking integrity and functionality.

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Looker studio configuration

We can also address the challenge of navigating GA4's reporting interface by offering solutions such as creating dashboards in Google Looker Studio and building Explorations in GA4.

We welcome your advanced reporting needs. Whether you require custom metrics, in-depth analysis, or specific visualizations, our team is here to tailor the dashboard to your requirements. 

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Other integrations with GA4

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Google Ads optimization

Once your conversions are accurately tracked in GA4, we seamlessly import them into Google Ads. This integration enhances your campaign performance by optimizing bidding strategies and facilitating more targeted retargeting campaigns through the incorporation of GA4 custom audiences.

Meta Pixel and conversions API

Gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of your social advertising investments. Our integration goes beyond surface-level traffic metrics, providing detailed conversion and revenue data attributable to your social campaigns.

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Advanced attribution

If Google Analytics (GA) attribution models don't meet your needs, we can seamlessly integrate GA4 data with your CRM and brand data into a comprehensive Marketing Mix Model, ensuring precise decision-making and improved marketing outcomes.

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BigQuery and data warehouses

Elevate your analysis capabilities by sending your GA4 data to BigQuery, PowerBI, or other data warehouses. This integration allows you to store data indefinitely and merge it with other data sources, unlocking new dimensions for analysis.

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Adsmurai is helping us to meet our objectives by introducing new strategies in campaigns, always with dynamism, contributing new ideas and getting involved to the maximum so that together we can achieve the expected results. In addition, the teamwork is fantastic and the treatment received is great. The client-agency work is wonderful.

- Marisol Simarro, Marketing & Communications at FP Claudio Galeno



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