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Increasing sales in Meta with adaptive designs


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Elevating Armatura's digital presence in Meta


Armatura, a Colombian brand founded in 2016, has stood out for its unique approach that fuses classic style with contemporary elements, promoting the idea that dressing well is key to achieving the best version of oneself. With a business model focused exclusively on online sales, traffic generation and sales conversion through digital channels are crucial for continued growth. To address this challenge, creating high quality organic content and strategically executing Paid Media campaigns on digital platforms is key.


CPA in catalog campaigns vs. other campaigns


Sales through Meta


Maintaining aesthetics without compromising performance


Armatura's priority is to maintain a high return on advertising spend (ROAS) on each platform, given its focus exclusively on online sales. While the quality of the product is excellent, the constant generation of aesthetic content aligned with the brand presented challenges, especially in the implementation of catalogue campaigns with dynamic ads. The in-house creative team faced the dilemma of preserving brand aesthetics while maximising campaign performance.


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Creatives by Adsmurai Marketing Platform


Working in collaboration with Adsmurai, Armatura was able to overcome this challenge. They developed dynamic ads that not only met performance standards, but also maintained the brand's distinctive aesthetic. Through the Creatives by Adsmurai Marketing Platform, they implemented a responsive design that preserved the look and feel of the images imported from Shopify, avoiding generic product presentation. In addition, they launched two catalogue campaigns with specific segmentations to attract new customers and encourage repurchase.



Increased sales and advertising scalability


The results were significant: a 7% lower CPA compared to other campaigns, allowing the company to increase investment by 18% without sacrificing ROAS. This increase in spend translated into a 19% increase in Meta's reported sales, demonstrating the positive impact of dynamic ads on the scalability and performance of Armatura's advertising campaigns.


The proposed solution and the integration of our product feed with the new campaigns perfectly matched the challenge we had to solve as a brand. The campaigns had very good results from the start, as well as being optimised with Adsmurai's constant support.
Nicolás Avila
Media Muyer in Armatura

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