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Bringing new business together during the pandemic

How to reduce the production time of pieces for Bancolombia's Reinventistas campaign by 50% while supporting more than 120 companies in Colombia



Bancolombia is one of the most recognized banks in Latin America and the financial group with the most clients in all Colombia. With the desire to go beyond their own goals and be helpful for the country during the pandemic, they launched the campaign “Reinventistas". In where clients affected by the Covid-19 crisis received help and advice to reinvent themselves with new business ideas.


Price decrease on CPM vs without Feeds


Price decrease on CPC vs without Feeds


Increased sales of participants vs. previous campaign


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It was an atypical case because the products catalogue for Bancolombia was the branding images of its clients “Reiventistas”. The objective was to homogenize these images with a similar look&feel, minimize design creation time and ensure traffic to the website in their DBA campaigns.





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Feeds by Adsmurai

One of Adsmurai's creative solutions was to create and apply an ad overlay and use Feeds to automate this process during the July to September campaign. This allowed the user to relate each of the 108 new companies with Bancolombia through the design. In terms of results, an average CPC of $0.06 was achieved, supporting over 120 companies in Colombia with an impact of over 54 million impressions.

Thanks to technological solutions for the pieces’ dynamisation and Adsmurai team we managed to reduce production time by 50% while we improved our traffic results and we support more than 120 companies in Colombia giving them more visualization

Andrés Sáenz

Head of Performance Digital Regional