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- Case Study -

La Canadienne

Increase Facebook catalogue sales with Adsmurai Marketing Platform







We partner with Bloom to increase La Canadienne sales


Bloom, a Canadian digital marketing agency, manages top-tier e-commerce digital advertising campaigns. We have been partnering with them for some time now to meet the demands of their clients through the Adsmurai Marketing Platform.

Bloom and Adsmurai partnered with La Canadienne, a Canadian women's luxury fashion brand, to increase sales from their Facebook catalogues.

In less than 6 months we multiplied La Canadienne's ROAS by 3x.


Feeds x Adsmurai Marketing Platform

Dynamic ads are perfect for generating conversions in e-commerce, as they provide the ability to retarget a user with products in which they previously showed interest. But to have a real impact, we need to structure the product catalogue well and customise the creatives for each type of audience.
Bloom and Adsmurai collaborated to take La Canadienne's dynamic product ads a step further, increasing their effectiveness. Through the Adsmurai Marketing Platform Feeds, updates and optimisations to La Canadienne's Product Feed were simplified and automated.


ROAS increase x3


The results of Bloom and Adsmurai's partnership paid off, thanks to the optimisation of La Canadienne's Feed with Adsmurai Marketing Platform, the return on advertising spend (ROAS) increased three-fold in less than 6 months.