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Helping Camper increase its brand awareness in China


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Gaining a solid WeChat fan base for Camper


Camper is a contemporary footwear brand from the island of Mallorca, Spain. Founded in 1975, it is well known for creating unique designs.

Having launched a new collection called Brutus the footwear brand sought to raise brand awareness in China for it.


Increase in Follower Growth vs Forecast


Reduction of Cost per Follower


Increase WeChat audience


The goal was to grow Camper’s follower base on WeChat and also to increase brand awareness and consideration among young people in China.

To get the audience's attention we designed a strategy with 3 different placements to fully explore the capacity of WeChat Ad: Moment Ads (Multiple Image and Video Card), Official Account Ads (Bottom Banner and In-article Banner) and Mini Program Ads (Pop-up).

Camper promotional image
Camper promotional image


High increase in awareness and consideration


The Brutus campaign was highly successful, boosting Camper's profile over-accomplishing 149% of the Follower Growth objective and lowering the cost per follower by -33%.

The CTR of the campaign is 3 times the industry average thanks to our accurate audience selection.


For Camper, this campaign performed beyond all expectations providing unprecedented levels of access to new fans for their new creations. Gaining a solid fan base also serves as a foundation for Camper’s future plan in China, in order to prepare for lower-funnel campaigns and achieve sustainable growth.

Thanks to Adsmurai we have managed to translate a complex and different scenario as the Chinese market to our usual KPIs. It helped us to better understand where we are, where we want to go and how we are getting there.
Alba Calvillo
Marketing Manager in Camper

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