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The journey of the Indonesian goddesses


Client: Desigual   |    OVERVIEW    |    CHALLENGE    |    SOLUTION

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Desigual is characterized by its authenticity and exoticism


For this reason, to present the latest novelties of its Indonesian Tales capsule, it does so by means of Instagram Instant Experience, which allowed the user to enjoy an experience in which fashion and history are perfectly combined.

Desigual's new fashion capsule "Indonesian Tales" explores the most innovative and different side of each woman through Indonesian tales in which they are the protagonists.

This new line of products is inspired by the journey as a contact with the unknown. This collection brings patterns of a culture in which gold, rocks, water, fruits and sunsets harmonize creating a unique space. Desigual poses the challenge of how to transfer all this richness of nuances to an advertising campaign.


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A product with such a sophisticated storytelling requires a very demanding type of dynamic ad. Instagram Instant Experience was the chosen option, allowing the maximum performance of the stories linked to the products.

The trip was thus complete, the experience contemplated the new, different, and feminine patterns that, with a black background and a series of plants and flowers of golden colors, tell stories of South Asia and its goddesses.

“"As we get into it, we discover a large cube with the saris given to their goddesses by the women. Mixed together, they highlighted the golden color of the forms in wild leaves ornamenting feminine details.”

Several exceptional pieces, customized for Instagram, were designed in their tier 1 countries.

Desigual Indonesian Tales bag
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Instant Experience


The profitability of the strategy was especially relevant in the main Instant Experience metrics. The View Percentage reached 73% in France and 76% in Germany, with a View Time of up to 45 seconds.

The collaboration with Desigual and Instagram allowed to communicate all the strength of the new capsule: a story of different Indonesian goddesses through the inner beauty, with a style made of experiences that aims to highlight the best of the woman and transform her into a true goddess.

With Adsmurai we make an exceptional team. We share a passion for challenges, and with them we always overcome the challenges we set for ourselves.
Boris Mercier
Brand Digital & Integrated Media Director

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