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Supporting the rebranding of Desigual


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Desigual x Nathy Peluso promo image


Launch of the new capsule collection designed by Desigual and Nathy Peluso with the aim of bringing the brand to a younger audience


Desigual x Nathy Peluso SS23 is the campaign focused on supporting Desigual's rebranding and presenting its new capsule collection designed in collaboration with renowned artist Nathy Peluso, with the aim of appealing to a younger audience.

From the launch of "Drop" earlier this year, where the rebranding materialised in all aspects, to the campaigns aimed at a younger audience, Desigual has achieved a fresh and transgressive change. The collaboration with world-renowned designers and the authenticity of Nathy Peluso have been key to the success of the campaign.

With this campaign, Desigual not only highlighted its new capsule collection, but also positioned itself as a modern and attractive brand for the young public. Through a powerful Paid Media strategy, Desigual has managed to connect with the target audience and convey the unique essence of the collaboration between Desigual and Nathy Peluso.


Increase in followers


Views on promotional videos


Increase in likes on promotional videos


Creating impact and interest


At an early stage of the campaign, we faced the challenge of building anticipation and expectation around the Desigual x Nathy Peluso capsule collection. We needed to create a significant impact and spark public interest before the official launch.

To address this challenge, we implemented an extensive campaign on different digital platforms, focusing on TikTok and Meta. The promotion strategy was carried out through posts by content creators. These videos generated a lot of buzz and started to generate conversations about the collection before its launch. This generated anticipation among users, creating an environment conducive to the success of the campaign.

In addition, on 25 April, Desigual organised an event in Madrid where the artist Nathy Peluso attended and presented the collection in a fashion show. This was a key moment in the development of our campaigns, as they came to life and materialised in front of the audience.

“The use of content creators on Tik Tok rumouring about what they thought the collection would look like, who were then pushed by paid campaigns, was a key factor in generating a conversation among users about the collection itself well before the launch of the collection. The pre-launch videos reported even lower costs than those obtained once the campaign itself was launched, as well as very high viewing rates. All of this was the result of the hype generated through the strategy.”

– Paid Specialist at Adsmurai

Desigual x Nathy Peluso promo image
Desigual x Nathy Peluso promo image


Low costs, high reproduction and engagement rates


From the outset, we were able to achieve significantly lower costs compared to previous campaigns. In addition, we experienced a significant increase in metrics such as: user recall, VTR (Video Through Rate) and engagement. 

This indicates that, not only did we manage to capture the attention of the target audience and leave a lasting impression in their memory, but also that they were fully engaged with the videos and that we were able to attract our target audience and generate meaningful interaction with the brand and the collection.

Highlighting even more, in terms of Meta, the results were impressive. We achieved lower costs, higher play and engagement rates, and an increase of approximately 30,000 followers. In addition, the promotional videos accumulated around 48 million views and 490,000 likes.

"Through the strategy, we have managed to have an impact on a young public that affirms that "Desigual has changed", which assures us of the existence of "early adopters" that prove that the repositioning of the brand is working. 
Undoubtedly, the action with Nathy Peluso, together with previous collections that are moving in the same direction, have managed to appeal to users who had never before considered the brand as a purchase option."

– Account Manager at Adsmurai

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