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Getting more qualified leads


Client: FP Claudio Galeno   |    OVERVIEW    |    CHALLENGE    |    SOLUTION

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We increase the volume of leads with a multi-platform strategy


We participated in Claudio Galeno's 2021 enrolment campaign in Spain. An institute for both intermediate and advanced vocational training in healthcare, which offers both face-to-face (Madrid, Murcia, Seville and Valencia) and distance learning courses. Its target group is, above all, young people interested in training.


Increase in Forms


Reduction of Cost per Form


Qualified leads


The main objective of this campaign was to get more leads and, in turn, that these were of higher quality in order to get more registrations for Claudio Galeno.
Through a multi-platform strategy based on different ad formats on Google and Facebook, we achieved a resounding success of conversions in web forms.

FP Claudio Galeno promo image
FP Claudio Galeno promo image


Leads campaign


During the 2021 enrolment campaign, we combined Adsmurai Marketing Platform technology and a global strategy based on dynamic ads on Facebook and Google Display. 
In addition, we changed Claudio Galeno's Facebook strategy from focusing on traffic increase targets to conversion and, instead of sales to catalogue. We also worked on the segmentation of the campaigns, going from generic to specific by courses and modalities.
These campaign modifications, together with the implementation of a new pixel event optimized for more qualified leads, managed to increase the volume of leads that filled out forms (+182%) and reduce the cost of each one of them (-20%).

Adsmurai is helping us to meet our objectives by introducing new strategies in campaigns, always with dynamism, contributing new ideas and getting involved to the maximum so that together we can achieve the expected results. In addition, the teamwork is fantastic and the treatment received is great. The client-agency work is wonderful.
Marisol Simarro Guijarro
Head of Marketing and Communication

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