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Dynamic Ads with Broad Audience

Massimo Dutti was looking for a way to increase their conversions on Facebook and Instagram, as well as their ROI on the platforms. The launch of the new feature Dynamic Ads Broad Audience looked to fit their need, combining it with their current strategy thanks to its qualitative prospecting.



Massimo Dutti’s strategy already included the various Conversion and Traffic campaigns available on Facebook and Instagram, however they were willing to test out the new Broad Audience feature to generate more sales to new clients. As a benchmark, we used the data from our best conversions campaigns and try to improve the metrics.









Vs july conversion campaigns


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Dynamic Ads with Broad Audience

This feature allows Massimo Dutti to impact new users with products they have shown interest in, therefore it gave us a much more qualitative approach in terms of targeting, as we do know what product people are looking for and are able to show it to them via the product feed and the Dynamic Ads. We should also highlight the lower Cost per Conversion on Instagram vs Facebook, which is important for Massimo Dutti as a fashion brand, and Instagram being a key platform for fashion. The new tool showed great results and improvements in terms of metrics in key markets, and allows Massimo Dutti to gain in market share and awareness by attracting new customers to buy its products.

Adsmurai as a team has evolved as an extention of our own team due to its strategic and tactical expertise, owing up to new challenges, adapting to the dynamic environment and the changes of the company whilst working towards results.

Marian Garriga

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