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How to improve catalog sales in Facebook and Google

See how MiM Shoes leveraged Catalog Sales to increase their sales on Google and Facebook, and how we did it to reduce their CPA by 27%.


To understand how MiM Shoes has come to establish itself today as one of the most prominent footwear brands for young people, we have to go back to the beginning. Always from Madrid, the project made a strong commitment to online positioning and sales channels, winning a loyal audience despite the fierce competition from the sector.



Sales (2019 vs. 2020)


CPA (2019 vs. 2020)


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Catalog Sales

To be known, stand out and consolidate, you have to go beyond launching conversion campaigns, which can become stagnant. For MiM Shoes, we saw that it was necessary to make the leap to "Catalog Sales", the dynamic ad campaigns launched through the product catalog. But meeting the requirements to launch it is not enough, you have to optimize and perfect the catalog to exceed the expected sales targets.






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Catalog Management with Feeds

A product catalog by itself can give certain results in the kpi's, but to get to the top you have to take advantage of it and squeeze it out. This is what was done with our Feed Composer catalog management tool.

In the case of Google Shopping, we did a full review of titles and descriptions to get a good indexing in user searches, that is, potential customers. In addition, all the possible product fields in the catalog were added, so that when launching the campaigns, the platform would have the maximum information and thus optimize the delivery of the ads.

On Facebook and Instagram, the Google Product Category was also used to enrich the delivery of the ads, and promotional layouts were applied dynamically. It was won in time, results and objectives. With an increase of 11% in sales compared to the previous campaign in 2019.

With Adsmurai we have reduced the CPA together with a remarkable growth in sales. A big success.

Carlos Montojo

CEO & Co-Founder