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NBA México

Standing out in Hot Sale with Feeds

Taking advantage of Hot Sale for a conversion campaign seems obvious. But doing it for the NBA offering products that are not consumer goods is not so much. And that's how they stood out.


Por primera vez en la historia, NBA Mexico se planteaba promocionar sus artículos durante Hot Sale, la campaña de ventas on-line más grande del país. Al tratarse de un evento deportivo, el reto era aún mayor, ya que en el imaginario colectivo se identificaba Hot Sale con compras de artículos de gran consumo.





Conversiones via Dynamic Ads


Conversiones totales


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The goal was crystal clear: encourage  purchases of NBA merchandise to the fan base and at the same time reach new audiences. 









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To get more visibility and make the ads more attractive, sales were boosted on Facebook and Instagram with our tool Feed Composer. Thanks to this, completely personalized layouts were generated for Facebook and Instagram showing the official NBA products and its different categories, generating a remarketing campaign.