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The Colombian brand that grew up during the lockdown


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How we got Pacifika's conversions to increase by 53% during the lockdown


Find out how we got Pacifika's conversions to increase by 53% during the lockdown through a product catalogue optimization and creating new overlays.

The clothing brand Pacifika, Linea Directa S.A.S group, had a challenge for the months of lockdown: to prepare a solid ecommerce for a season in which all commercial activity would be only online.


Conversions increase vs. last month


ROAS increase vs. last month


Increase performance


With the ecommerce ready, the brand was prepared to meet the needs of its customers and thus increase purchases positively impacting ROAS during the months from May to June. Their latest collections and access prices would be the drivers in the DPA and DBA campaigns (dynamic ads) to achieve the objectives.

Pacifika ad on social media
Pacifika ad on social media


Feeds & Creatives


Using Feeds, Pacifika and Adsmurai team optimised the collections in the product catalog: they added more comprehensive titles and used optional fields, so that Facebook had more information about each product to accurately deliver the ads.

In addition, they created layouts according to product categories such as: Denim, best selling garments or even layouts that promoted the new lifestyle of the new pandemic reality. Up to 15K purchases were achieved, which means an increase of more than 50% over the usual average.

Close accompaniment, constant monitoring and appropriate planning have enabled us to meet and exceed our KPIs. The administration and versatility in the management of various brands aimed at different segments is an added value that we highlight from Adsmurai.
Eliana Martínez Marín
Digital Marketing Chief

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