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Hotel booking through Facebook with Dynamic Ads


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Palladium Hotel


Palladium Hotel Group uses Feeds, the added functionality that allows you to develop creative templates and highlight product images, taking online booking to the next level


Palladium Hotel Group has more than 50 years of story behind it and is located in America and Europe. The well-known hotel chain is one of the largest online communities and also one with more engagement in the sector. Thanks to a careful strategy of Social Media, they have managed to be leaders in the hotel industry for years


Decrease in CPA


Increase in ROAS


Dynamic Ads


We looked at Black Friday & Cyber Monday's campaign in America and we compared it with the same format and goal as the one from last year.

Standing out from the rest of our competitors is not an easy job if you don't have the specific tools, such as Dynamic Ads for Travel (DTA - the exclusive ad format to book hotel rooms) plus Adsmurai's Feed Composer: the added functionality that allows you to develop creative templates and thus highlight product images.

Palladium Pool
Palladium bedroom




The DTA format consists of dynamically and individually retargeting interested users; unlike DPA (focused on the sale of products), it focuses on the needs of the travel industry, such as reservations or specific offers.

If we also add the Feeds functionality to customize and enhance the images automatically, we get much higher results at a much more affordable cost than a standard dynamic ads campaign. These results translate into a 30.5% decrease in CPA and a 40% increase in ROAS.

It is a pleasure to work with Adsmurai, they are professionals in the sector and they are always there when you need them. They listen, propose and test continuously. There's always room for improvement and that's the attitude they work with. I would like to point out that, in addition to focusing on good results, customer service and predisposition is impeccable.
Javier Ruiz-Gago
Head of Performance America in Palladium Hotel Group

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