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Improving catalog sales with Feeds


Client: Polo Club   |    OVERVIEW    |    CHALLENGE    |    SOLUTION

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Optimized feeds to Top Selling products to impact new consumers and increase conversions


Polo Club is a Spanish fashion brand for men, women and children with an e-commerce where there is a wide variety of products for different audiences. 

For any e-commerce that aims to increase its sales and improve the performance of its digital marketing strategy, it is essential to effectively manage and optimize its product catalog. These improvement processes are what will allow brands to make their catalog more relevant and better positioned for potential buyers' searches.

Catalog management tools, such as Adsmurai Marketing Platform, ensure that product feeds will meet the requirements of different channels and platforms, and will be optimized and enriched so that your Paid Media campaigns can perform at their best.


ROAS Increase


CTR Increase


Sales Increase


Improve catalog sales on Facebook & Instagram


In a context where Polo Club's dynamic campaigns aimed at increasing sales to new consumers (DBA) were not achieving the expected results, the brand used the entire catalog to offer the widest variety of products available. How to improve the performance results of these campaigns? 

The challenge for Polo Club together with Adsmurai Marketing Platform was to be able to detect the most relevant products and show them in the ads to improve the performance of the campaigns on Facebook and Instagram aimed at new consumers.

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Optimized feeds and Top Performers products


To achieve the objectives, Adsmurai Marketing Platform Feeds were connected with Google Analytics of Polo Club to detect the most popular products (with the most visits) and the best-selling products. Using Feeds functionalities, catalogs with these "top performers" products were created and configured with automatic daily updates.

After incorporating catalogs with the top-selling products in the Facebook and Instagram campaigns, in addition to automating their creation process, Polo Club managed to improve the results of the campaigns aimed at new consumers, also providing an increase in the number of conversions.

Some of the most outstanding metrics thanks to the incorporation of Adsmurai Marketing Platform and the optimized feeds to Top Sales products have been: +17% of ROAS compared to other prospecting campaigns, +342% of CTR and +27% in total orders coming from these campaigns.

Working with Adsmurai has allowed us to find technological solutions that have greatly facilitated the management of feeds for use in different advertising platforms, as well as their adaptation to avoid language conflicts, so we have been able to be more effective when advertising in different markets. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the proactive nature of Adsmurai, very oriented to help us improve our results by proposing new solutions, such as the automatic collections of top sales.
Álex Sánchez
Chief Marketing Officer in Polo Club

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