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- Case Study -

Revlon Professional

Building brand awareness for Revlon Prefessional in Europe



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We combined upper and mid funnel strategies to find the perfect audience and increase traffic to the website.

Revlon Professional is a hairdressing brand for professionals that sells colouring, care and styling products. Although it is 100% professional sales, the brand also runs campaigns aimed at the end consumer for specific products such as Orofluido hair serums. These campaigns are launched in European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.


Increase in Video Views


Decrease in CPV


Impact the end consumer

The big challenge was to impact the end consumer of hair care. As we didn't have enough data to build an audience to impact, we decided to focus on launching upper and mid funnel campaigns, i.e. brand awareness campaigns and traffic to Revlon's two websites.

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Managed Services, Upper-Mid Funnel campaigns and  an Interest Audience

To help Revlon Professional meet its challenge, a three-pronged solution was proposed:

  • Managed Services and a new platform. Revlon Professional is a brand that is very open to trying new platforms, so our team of Paid Media campaign management experts proposed launching a campaign on Pinterest. In addition, a new format was also chosen: full-width video, to capture the attention of professionals and tell a story with visual appeal. 

  • Upper-Mid Funnel Strategy. We focus on campaigns with Reach, Video Views and Traffic targets to grow reach and brand awareness among professionals, and drive more traffic to the brand's websites.

  • Interest Audience. As mentioned above, the challenge with Revlon Professional was to impact a very specific audience oriented towards the purchase of hair products. To find their perfect audience, Interests were used as a precise targeting tool for the ads. Interests allow you to reach users based on the topics they like, and appear to them when they browse their home feeds.

As this was a new platform for Revlon, estimates were made based on the strategy that was set out on Pinterest and the results were better than planned: +298% total video views and -50% cost per video view.



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