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Maximising the effectiveness of Pinterest campaigns


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Stradivarius increases conversion visibility with Pinterest API for conversions


Stradivarius, a brand dedicated to the sale of clothing and fashion accessories, aimed to get a greater amount of signals and to know if there was any data that they were missing that they could take advantage of to better optimise their campaigns on Pinterest.

To go a step further in the measurement of their campaigns and maximise the effectiveness of their strategies on the platform, Stradivarius together with the Adsmurai team implemented the Pinterest Conversions API.

With the changes implemented, the clothing brand was able to obtain more accurate and detailed data on the performance of their ads on the platform. In this way, they were able to identify the areas that needed improvement and adjust their advertising strategy accordingly.


Increased conversions on the advertising account


Increase Conversions attributed in the campaign


CPA improvement, after implementing API4C


Improve campaign performance


To track and measure the performance of its campaigns on Pinterest, Stradivarius was using only the Pinterest tag. In order to improve the performance of the brand's campaigns on the platform, Adsmurai implemented the Pinterest Conversions API, designed to work in conjunction with the tag for maximum effectiveness.

The Pinterest Conversions API allows advertisers to track conversions and events on their website that are related to actions taken on Pinterest. We are talking about actions such as purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, downloading an app, among other actions.

This Pinterest tool helps advertisers to better understand the performance of their ads on Pinterest and to optimise their advertising strategies to increase conversion and return on investment (ROI). It was therefore the ideal solution to meet Stradivarius' challenge.

Stradivarius CAPI & Pinterest promo image
Stradivarius CAPI & Pinterest promo image


Implementing the Pinterest Conversions API


The implementation of the Conversions APL provided Stradivarius with an +82% increase in the volume of machined checkouts and more valuable insights that contributed to better campaign performance. In addition, it also achieved a 28% reduction in CPA after the relevant implementations.

"API4C has significantly improved brand performance, overcoming the challenges of limited data visibility in the digital environment. This integration has enabled us to make decisions with more accurate data, which has had a positive impact on our strategies and the delivery of relevant user experiences."

— Natalia Muradás, Account Manager en Adsmurai

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