More conversions with Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram

With the goal of granting a greater number of credits for vehicles, Sufi carried out a campaign with dynamic Ads in image, carousel and Stories format, optimizing the segmentation of its audience. The results? A high increase in volume of conversions and completed contact forms.



Bancolombia is a leading financial institution in Colombia that offers multiple channels for making inquiries, seeking to accompany people on the path chosen to achieve their objectives. In turn, Sufi is the brand created by Grupo Bancolombia focused on the sale of loans for automobiles, motorcycles, consumption, health and education.





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Dynamic Ads to increase sales


In order to achieve its objective, Sufi carried out a campaign with Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram, aimed at an audience of men and women between 24 and 55 years old in Colombia. In turn, through the Facebook Pixel, a Personalized Audience was created based on people with a possible interest in the automotive industry. To power your strategy, we use Adsmurai Marketing Platform Feeds to automate the deployment of creative assets on the Facebook ad platform. On the other hand, the creative agency Sancho, was in charge of developing the concept and the visual elements that were later introduced in Feeds, thus generating several active ads in an automated and dynamic way.

Seeking to convey the message, dynamic ads were used in different formats: image, Stories and carrousel. The latter presented young people enjoying the benefits achieved after acquiring a vehicle loan from the brand, with emotional and aspirational quotes, related to the phrase “born to be together”. Using Feeds, the campaign included standardized bullets and templates that helped reinforce the brand. Through this format, along the different pop-up cards, the public was invited to request a credit from Sufi, with the option to click on More Information to be directed to the brand's website and there to complete a form of Contact to learn more about the service offered.
safe_image (1)The Results
A top speed success


The leading financial group in Colombia confirmed the benefits of using Facebook tools to optimize conversions and reach more potential customers in a more efficient way. In addition, with the use of Feeds (Adsmurai Marketing Platform), a 66% reduction in the time (man hours) required to create images and graphic pieces for the campaign was achieved. The campaign results? A success on wheels! Achieving a total of 76% conversions, 931 completed contact forms and a 48% reduction in the cost per completed form.

It should be noted that Facebook has also highlighted this case study as an exemplary success story.