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Standing out with our Creative Lab

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Assets development for UNICEF's THANKATHON campaign.

UNICEF is present in 190 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from infancy through adolescence.

Known for supporting child health, quality education and protecting children from violence, exploitation and AIDS, at the end of 2020, the UN agency wanted to thank donors for their support with a very special campaign and a very special message.






Reach and Emotion

Despite the financial and emotional hardships of 2020, many people donated to UNICEF, and the NGO wanted to thank the 5 million donors for their support and commitment achieving its mission to be there for every child in this very particular year.

So, we had a double mission here:

1) Thank the donors for being always there despite the difficult times.
2) Engage the audience with UNICEF.

Creative Assets

We needed to stand out! And to make it happen, we called in our Creative Lab! The concept chosen for the campaign was "You make wonders happen". The key element was the creation of a 1-minute video that conveyed the key message to all donors.

After that, we made all the adjustments to produce static images, carousels and Stories for Facebook and Instagram, as well as videos for TikTok and Snapchat. And in order to close the campaign, we designed static display banners, emailings and a landing page.

The results? The campaign was a huge success around the world, spreading our message in countries such as: China, Serbia, Croatia, Indonesia, Australia, Ireland, Turkey, Luxembourg, Colombia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Panama and many others.
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