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Set up Google Consent Mode V2

seamlessly, and fast


like-red  Regulatory compliance & data protection


settings-red  Accurate analysis & compliance with directives


users-red  Competitive advantage & specialized service




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Key benefits




Essential data collection

Ensure a comprehensive understanding of user interactions while respecting user consent preferences. Through Google Consent Mode, hits are sent to the platform without identifiable user information, safeguarding user privacy and compliance.


Precise analysis

Navigate stricter data protection regulations with confidence, as Google Consent Mode V2 provides accurate analysis of user behavior.




Prevent suspensions


Protect you Google Ads & Analytics accounts from suspension by meeting the requirements of Google Consent Mode V2.


Avoid data loss


Failure to comply with Google's new guidelines could lead to the suspension of your Google services account, limiting access to crucial features such as:

  • Remarketing Lists for Google Ads

  • Customer Match

  • Google Analytics Audiences

  • Conversion tracking (after 2024)







Comply with EU directives


The Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union mandates the adoption of Google Consent Mode V2 for services like Google Ads and Google Analytics. Ensure compliance by implementing the necessary changes by the deadline on March 6th.

Conversion modeling advantage


Utilize conversion modeling to leverage restrictions as competitive advantages. This AI-driven process extracts valuable customer insights from users who have consented to data collection, enabling:

  • Closing data gaps through estimation

  • Enhanced performance with targeted advertising campaigns

  • Increased ROI through efficient allocation of advertising budget




Why choose our implementation service?


Unlock the full potential of Google Consent Mode Version 2 with our expert implementation service:




Recurso 690


Tailored integration 

We'll customize the setup to fit your website perfectly, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Recurso 689


Compliance assurance

Stay ahead of regulatory requirement and build user trust with our compliance-focused approach.

Recurso 688


Ongoing support

Our dedicated team will provide continuous support and maintenance, ensuring that your implementation remains effective and up-to-date.



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