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Adsmurai at the International PHP Conference (IPC)

Hello Munich!

This October, Adsmurai had the occasion to attend the International PHP Conference (IPC),
which took place in Munich, Germany, from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th, and we were
thrilled to be there. After all, the IPC brings together hundreds of enthusiastic and talented
developers (both attendants and speakers) from all parts of the world, so it was a huge
opportunity for us to both learn and meet people.

What’s more, being an attendant of the IPC also grants you access to the International
Javascript Conference (IJC), which took place at the same venue as the IPC. Therefore, we
could attend workshops and conferences dedicated to both PHP and Javascript.

Overall, the organization was excellent. Each day was filled either with conferences (from
Tuesday to Thursday) or with a workshop (Monday and Friday), with coffee and lunch
breaks in between to recharge batteries.

As for the program itself, there were all sorts of topics. There were sessions and workshops
about software development techniques such as Reactive Programming, Domain-Driven
Design (DDD) or microservices, but also about specific technologies like programming
languages (GO) or frameworks (Angular, React…).

The program was so big and rich that we could not attend all the sessions that we wanted,
but we did go to some really interesting ones, like the following:

  • Domain-specific Languages with PHP: Stefan Priebsch explained how we can

    reflect in our code the common language spoken by all members of the organization(more commonly known as ubiquitous language). This is one of the core concepts of DDD, which we practice in Adsmurai.

  • Dip your Toes in the Sea of Security: James Titcumb gave some basic advice in order to implement secure coding, and he also shared some interesting web resources related to this topic. Security is always an issue of the utmost importance, and that is why we believe that sessions like this are a must in any conference.

  • Using PHP outside the Web Context, why not scientific Applications?: this session was given by our teammate Andreu. He talked about how we can use PHP in applications not necessarily related to the web. More specifically, he explained how we can use it in applications that use Machine Learning or time series forecasting.

  • Backups on Microservices: Sebastian Feldman talked about how to configure the backups of our applications when they are distributed across different microservices. He also showed us phpbu, a very powerful application designed for this purpose. Since in Adsmurai we are slowly heading towards a microservice architecture, we found this talk very interesting

The next edition of the International PHP Conference will take place from June 4th to June 8th in Berlin. If you are interested in attending, you can now register to get either a Power Workshop or a 1, 2 or 3 day pass.

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