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YTAL Award May 2016

We have received the YouTube Ads Leaderboard Award May 2016, given by Google and YouTube to the 5 ads that get the best results of the month and are also the most viewed and better valued by the platform users. This award give awareness to brands but also to creative and media agencies behind each ad. This time we’ve reached the 3rd place with our work as media agency for Estrella Damm in the presentation of the trailer for this summer’s shortfilm “Las pequeñas cosas” with Jean Reno and Laia Costa.

For us it means an award to the hard work of Adsmurai’s team, that stands up for YouTube and includes it in brands’ digital strategy, getting satisfactory results like this one and making a place for us between the best digital content in the country.

Congratulations team! And thank you so much to Google and YouTube for the award and appreciation. We hope it is the first one from many more. To see our and the rest of the winners of the month, you can enter the Leaderbord.

ytal award 2016 adsmurai