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FC Barcelona scores with AI and Adsmurai


FC Barcelona achieves success in its Google Search campaigns thanks to AI and Adsmurai's collaboration.

Barcelona, 29 june de 2023 //

FC Barcelona has achieved a strategic triumph in its marketing strategy by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in partnership with Adsmurai, its agency. This innovative initiative aimed to improve overall campaign performance and turn brand relevance into a solid and profitable business.

In order to increase revenue from match and museum ticket sales at Spotify Camp Nou, three key areas of FC Barcelona's marketing strategy were revolutionised through the use of technology and artificial intelligence:

  1. Structure of "always on" campaigns

  2. Automated bidding to attract valuable customers

  3. Working on awareness to gather signals

Previously, FC Barcelona's conservative approach required weekly manual setup of advertising campaigns. However, the implementation of AI enabled an 'always on' strategy to be set up, driven by broad matching algorithms. This allowed all matches to be covered without the need for frequent updates.

AI also played a key role in automated bidding, using the Smart Bidding strategy with target ROAS to reach potential customers with a higher probability of conversion. This new strategy resulted in higher profitability with lower investment.

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"We came from a very restrictive bidding strategy in which we manually indicated to the bidding platform the maximum price at which we wanted to get a click," explains Héctor Hernández, account manager at Adsmurai.

In addition, emphasis was placed on awareness work to collect signals and improve campaigns. By means of "always on" prospecting campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN), it was possible to increase interest in the brand and attract users to the website. Tailoring messages to specific channels, creative testing and learning-based improvements were key to the success of these campaigns.

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The results speak for themselves: conversions increased by 190%, revenue grew by 192% and cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 31%. FC Barcelona has seen a significant improvement in the performance of its campaigns thanks to the implementation of AI in its marketing strategy.

Jorge Mendi, Global Paid Media Manager at FC Barcelona, said: "It is clear to us that the future of FC Barcelona's marketing is to continue to rely on AI tools. With this success we have realised that the algorithm is effective in aggregating data, but the focus and strategic decisions have to be made by a team that knows the business and the current scenario".

FC Barcelona continues to lead the way in applying innovative technology to drive its marketing strategy. With the power of artificial intelligence, the club hopes to continue to achieve success and reach new milestones along the way.

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About Adsmurai:

Adsmurai, a technology company specialising in strategy, optimisation and measurement of digital marketing campaigns, scales the real growth of brands, bringing together the best talent and innovative solutions.

Born with the vision of generating a positive impact on people through better advertising, it has its headquarters in Barcelona and four offices around the world. Since 2014, Adsmurai has managed to bring together more than 300 digital experts, creatives and developers, being one of the only companies worldwide with official partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Google Premium, Pinterest and TikTok (in addition to its collaboration with Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter).

After the recent acquisition of Zinkdo, an organic content consultancy, and the consolidation of the Search, Programmatic and Creative departments, Adsmurai is positioned in 2023 as a leading force in the digital market, with a commitment to the diversification of full-funnel services.


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