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Adsmurai focuses on creative scalability and customization

  • Adsmurai announces Creatives 2.0 with the objective of simplifying processes, maximizing budgets and reducing execution times.

  • The technology company reaffirms its commitment to digital marketers by focusing on creative scalability and personalization.


Barcelona, December 2023 //

On the eve of its tenth anniversary, technology company Adsmurai announces the launch of Creatives 2.0. Designed to optimize the management of advertising creative, the tool reflects the company's ongoing commitment to simplifying and streamlining the day-to-day operations of digital marketers.

Since its founding in 2014, the Adsmurai team has pioneered the use of technology to drive efficiencies in digital marketing. In 2020, the company introduced Adsmurai Marketing Platform, a complete suite for planning, managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns. Now, with the new version of Creatives, Adsmurai is looking to take catalog creative to a new level and continue to improve the productivity of marketing teams.

"Feeds allows marketers to put their product catalog at the service of their marketing strategy without relying on IT. The new Creatives gives marketers the creative freedom to autonomously design dynamic cross-platform ads that generate results and at the same time adapt to their brand guidelines. To achieve this, we have prioritized ease of use and a range of features designed to simplify the design process.".- Oriol Solé, Head of Product en Adsmurai

In today's digital landscape, where user attention is a precious commodity and advertising fatigue is a reality, creatives remain the crucial differentiator for brands. Adsmurai addresses this challenge by offering comprehensive solutions to optimize the creation and personalization of advertising creatives.


Creative scalability at speed-to-market

Creatives solves the challenge of creative scaling by enabling the rapid production of high-quality creative at reduced production costs. The platform offers the ability to create dynamic cross-platform creative templates, allowing users to adapt content to different locations and formats with just a few clicks. Goodbye to complexity; Creatives makes it easy to create multi-format creative that is perfectly suited to diverse advertising needs, drastically reducing the complexity of designing individually for different platforms and reducing execution time.


Personalization to drive results

By making it easy for users to mix and match templates, images, dynamic fields, custom fonts and graphic elements, Creatives empowers ad customization. The tool is presented as the ideal solution for those who need to enhance and adapt ads without the need for advanced graphic design skills.

With the new Creatives, Adsmurai reaffirms its position as a leader in digital marketing technology, offering professionals the tools they need to stand out in an increasingly competitive advertising environment.


About Adsmurai:

Adsmurai, a technology company specialized in strategy, optimization and measurement of digital marketing campaigns, scales the real growth of brands, combining the best talent and innovative solutions.

Born with the vision of generating a positive impact on people through better advertising, it has its headquarters in Barcelona and four offices around the world. Adsmurai has managed to bring together more than 300 digital experts, creatives and developers since 2014, being one of the only companies worldwide with official partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Google Premium, Pinterest and TikTok (in addition to its collaboration with Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter).

After the recent acquisition of Zinkdo, consulting and organic content, and the consolidation of the Search, Programmatic and Creative departments, Adsmurai is positioned in 2023 as a leading force in the digital market, betting on the diversification of full-funnel services.



Paula Moreno

Head of Marketing

+34 931 222 301

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