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Adsmurai transforms conversion tracking with the launch of One Tag

  • As of 2024, all advertisers will be required to have the Conversions API implemented on every platform where they advertise.

  • Adsmurai's One Tag allows advertisers to integrate the Conversions API quickly and easily without the need for code or proprietary infrastructure.

  • With more than 100 billion events managed, from big brands such as Mango or Desigual, One Tag is positioned as the easiest solution among advertisers.

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Barcelona, November 2023 //

Adsmurai, a technology company specialized in strategy, optimization and measurement of digital marketing campaigns, marks a milestone in its evolution with the launch of One Tag. The solution redefines online user tracking and provides advertisers with an essential tool to maximize their investments in digital media, a crucial pillar to achieve their business objectives.

Adsmurai's One Tag, formerly known as "Serverless Tracking," emerges as a simple and comprehensive answer to the challenges advertisers face in the changing online user tracking landscape.

From 2024, all advertisers will be required to implement the Conversion API on every platform on which they advertise. Accurate measurement in online advertising is crucial to evaluate campaign performance and ensure a positive return on investment. This involves tracking user interactions and conversions generated from ads. Traditionally, this measurement was done through pixels, snippets of code embedded in web pages, which use third-party cookies in browsers to collect user data and transmit it to advertising platforms such as Meta, TikTok and Pinterest, allowing advertisers to analyze and optimize the performance of their campaigns.

However, with the introduction of the Privacy Sandbox, Google Chrome will stop sharing these cookies by default, which will result in the platforms' pixels ceasing to effectively measure user activity on our websites.

This lack of measurement accuracy will hinder performance evaluation, campaign optimization and the creation of custom audiences, among other things, negatively impacting ROI. It is estimated that advertisers' results could worsen on average by up to 300% in terms of costs.

The Conversion API (CAPI) emerges as an alternative to pixels, consolidating itself as the new measurement standard in the industry. Platforms such as Meta, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter already have their own Conversions API solutions. However, these solutions are not yet accessible to all advertisers, mainly due to the need for programming knowledge and server configuration, implying high costs, which has limited their adoption.

In this context Adsmurai presents One Tag, an affordable and effective solution to address these challenges, since:

  • It offers a competitive cost structure with three available plans (Standard, Premium and Enterprise).

  • It eliminates the need for programming and server configuration knowledge.

  • Allows you to easily set up tracking on platforms such as Meta, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok in a single configuration.

In addition, this latest version of One Tag introduces a new functionality called "Tracking Health" that allows early detection and prevention of any measurement errors that may negatively affect results.


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With One Tag, Adsmurai consolidates its position as a leader in advertising technology, offering advertisers an advanced and effective solution to address the future challenges of online advertising. The introduction of this tool represents a milestone for the industry and also for the company, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in advertising technology.

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About Adsmurai:

Adsmurai, a technology company specialized in strategy, optimization and measurement of digital marketing campaigns, scales the real growth of brands, combining the best talent and innovative solutions.

Born with the vision of generating a positive impact on people through better advertising, it has its headquarters in Barcelona and four offices around the world. Adsmurai has managed to bring together more than 300 digital experts, creatives and developers since 2014, being one of the only companies worldwide with official partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Google Premium, Pinterest and TikTok (in addition to its collaboration with Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter).

After the recent acquisition of Zinkdo, consulting and organic content, and the consolidation of the Search, Programmatic and Creative departments, Adsmurai is positioned in 2023 as a leading force in the digital market, betting on the diversification of full-funnel services.



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