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Now also Google Premium Partners

Adsmurai continues to expand its official agreements with market leaders to the highest level. We are now Google Premium Partners!

What does this partnership mean?

Google Premium Partners is Google's program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants. This partner network is responsible for marketing, deploying and supporting Google's enterprise solutions. So far Google has awarded this badge combined with special privileges to a few dozen companies because its goal is not to work with many partners, but with the most specialized ones.
For this we have had to work hard, pass several certifications, work on technological innovation and stay active to satisfy our customers the most in all their campaigns. At Adsmurai we were already specialized in the YouTube area. We carry out campaigns on the video network for our client to get visits, engagement and now also purchases through the platform. Google has recognized us as a partner that generates value for the advertiser. Watching over the growth of our clients has its rewards.


google premier partner badge



How do these capabilities impact our customers?

  • Earn the Google Premium Partners badge: This badge indicates that our company meets Google's best practices at the highest level, there is no higher.

  • Closer to Google: We have access to trainings, special events, Betas, industry studies, product news and the Google Partner Community. All of this adds to the value we bring to our customers.

  • Being an expert: We have to keep learning to deliver the best for our customers. To do this we have access to all Google training materials on Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

  • More accessible: Companies that earn the partner badge are listed on Google Partner Search, which is the engine used by advertisers to find companies to help them with their website and online advertising.

And let's not forget the most important thing: all these advantages are for us to enjoy with you, getting the best campaigns in an optimized and valued way by a great company like Google.


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