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[eBook] Ultimate Guide: Performance Max Campaigns in Google

In the era of Big Data and automation, where every little bit of information is valuable, data-driven decision making is key to business success. Do you know Performance Max? The new Google ads campaigns that, through automation technologies, use machine learning to grow your business by finding more customers who complete conversions.

  • Do you know the main benefits of Performance Max? Find out all the details about these new automated campaigns from Google.

  • The 6 essential steps you must follow to create a Performance Max campaign and all the requirements you need to take into account before launching it.

  • Also learn how to optimize these campaigns with examples of challenges and solutions by vertical that Adsmurai's team of SEM experts have faced.

  • Don't miss a thing! We have included a glossary of basic, but strategic terms that you must master if you want to launch high-performing campaigns on Google.



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