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[Ebook] Regulatory and technological developments in Digital Privacy 2024

In a landscape where laws and technology are converging, it is essential to understand the global implications of these changes. From updates to the AEPD's cookie policies affecting Spanish websites to the entry into force of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in Europe, we are at a crucial moment of adaptation.

In this ebook you will explore how these regulatory transformations impact not only the European Economic Area, but also how global companies, such as Google, address privacy in their advertising services and data analytics platforms.


What will you find in this guide?


  • Strategic timeline for Digital Privacy by 2024

    • Third-Party Cookies removed from 1% of Google Chrome traffic

    • Entry into force of the new AEPD's cookies guide

    • Depreciation of functionalities in UA360

    • Mandatory implementation of Consent Mode V2

    • UA360 functionality continues to be depreciated

    • Sunset UA360


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Discover the impact and adaptation of regulatory and technological developments in Digital Privacy in 2024


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