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Turn up your brand with powerful ad creatives

Inspire your audience and empower your Paid Media campaigns with a digital-first creative service.


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On-brand creative solutions tailored to the requirements of all Social Media platforms.



Research, ideation, conceptualization and production of multi-channel creatives to drive sales.



A team backed by data, creativity and tech to reach your audience cross-platform.

Our advertising creative solutions

Responsive design   

Mobile-first creative to reach users on-the-go.

Enhanced Video-ads   

Visual-rich videos & motion graphics to grab your audience’s attention.

Social creative assets   

Original concepts & feed-disrupting creatives to drive your performance on social advertising.

Digital-first storytelling   

Engaging copies and to-the-point messages to convert your target across platforms.

Attract your consumers with on-brand creatives

Let our team reimagine your existing creatives to deliver the essence of your brand in every design.

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Connect with your audience on every device

Scalable assets to show your brand on any device and connect with your audience everywhere.

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Inspire with any kind of format

Images, videos or motion graphics, we design any kind of creative to inspire your audience wherever they are.


Build a new digital creative strategy

An expert team to ideate the creative strategy, from the conceptualization of the graphic line to the production of its elements, to build campaigns ready to achieve your objectives.

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Adsmurai's creative lab fully immersed themselves in our industry to understand what we needed and the result confirms it: a BRUTAL video that shows in detail the essence of what we do!
Lluis Puig
CEO and Founder of Freshis

Attract your audience with enhanced brand's creatives

Drop us a line, we'd love to hear your brief. 

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