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Marketing Mix Modeling

Measure the omnichannel effectiveness of your marketing strategies with Adsmurai MMM


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Click-based attributions vs. Adsmurai MMM

Click-based attributions
Adsmurai MMM
Click-based attributions


Depends on clicks to attribute revenue.

Based on incremental data

Understands the investment required and works with incremental lifts to train and validate the model.

Third-party cookies

Uses the methodology of other platforms.


Uses proprietary statistical and machine learning techniques to create an attribution model that more closely approximates brand reality.

Adsmurai MMM

Biased and incomplete

It is biased by humans, platforms and lack of data.

Impartial and omnichannel

Uses all information that can contribute to revenue such as advertising data, economic data, weather, promotional dates, etc.


It does not fully capture consumer interactions across all channels,        which limits its ability to forecast future trends and outcomes.


Captures and examines historical trends and patterns to forecast how they might evolve in the future.

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How it works

Data visualization overview

Get a comprehensive view of past performance and compare how other attribution models allocate sales to each channel. For example, how GA4 attributes sales to Search, thus reducing the attribution problems typical in cookie-based tools.

See a detailed evaluation of your KPIs, the historical spend of your channels, etc. to understand what data the model is relying on and visualize its reliability.




Data analysis and simulations creation

Analyze in detail how each marketing action or variable (such as pricing, promotions, advertising, etc.) is affecting the achievement of your KPIs.

Perform detailed saturation analysis and understand when increased spending on a channel no longer significantly increases your results, by integrating data from Google Analytics 4 and other tracking systems.

Discover the net benefits obtained after the launch of a new product or service, expansion into a new market or type of advertising campaign. The analysis variables are as many as you can imagine.

Budget allocator and forecasting

There are many possible strategies, do you know which ones will lead you to the ROI you are looking for?

Adsmurai MMM's Budget Allocator functionality focuses on optimizing your profits. Explore and evaluate different media strategies through simulations, or let the system guide you.

Freely optimize or apply restrictions according to your needs. And if you have contractual agreements with certain media channels, the platform helps you to fulfill them smoothly.


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MMM modeling always up to date

We generate models updating your model with the recurrence you need.


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Upper-funnel impact

Quantify how your upper-funnel efforts are impacting conversions.


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Omnichannel efficiency

Automatically include all your online and offline data to uncover hidden opportunities across all channels.


Optimise your marketing strategy and maximise your results

Discover how marketing mix modeling can boost your business


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