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From strategy to reporting, your all-in-one team

Planning and strategy

We set up and manage a large advertising structure with ease to ensure the success of your campaigns.

Campaign optimization

Differentiate yourself from the noise with real-time optimizations and the creation of a more personalized experience for your audience.

Personalized reporting

Tailored campaign reporting based on your business needs to uncover the next performance opportunities.

Unlock potential growth opportunities 

Grow your campaigns with our digital marketing experts

Let our team develop winning strategies, track performance on any level, monitor spend and build custom reports to scale your digital marketing efforts.

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Trusted relations with the main platforms

Take advantage of our trusted relationship with the leading digital platforms

Be up-to-date of the constant changes in the industry and have exclusive access to the latest platform’s features.

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Increase the performance of your campaigns

A team backed by its own technology to plan, create and measure your Paid Media ads.

Our team of experts works with Adsmurai Marketing Platform, a proprietary platform to gain actionable insights, ensure the efficiency of your budget and detect new opportunities for scalability.

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With Adsmurai, we share the passion to innovate and constantly improve. We are the same team, working hand in hand for the same goals, adapting and conquering any challenge we set ourselves.
Marta Cubiñá
Advertising Department at Mango
Adsmurai's expertise and Snpachat's dynamic ads have helped us increase ROAS compared to other platforms, increase average ticket and reach a younger audience.
Domingo Gil
Social Media at SikSilk
The management and dedication of the Adsmurai team with the project allowed us to achieve the proposed objectives at a fast and convincing pace. Having them in Colombia and Mexico forged a working relationship that will be present in all successes and innovative projects.
Camila Giraldo
Marketing Analyst at Chiper

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