New retargeting based on interests and likes

New retargeting based on interests and likes

Dynamic Ads are Facebook’s most powerful retargeting tool, creating personalized ads based on products seen on a determined website. This way we can guarantee the interest of the users, improving the CPAs and performance results. Now, we present a new targgeting that will let us expand our qulified target: Broad audience

This new methow allows reaching users with a real interest beyond website visits but keeping a behaviour that ensures the relevance of an ad, these behaviours include: page liked, posts likes or websites visited from Facebook.

Then, even if it is not exactly retargeting, as the ad won’t be shown only to users that have visited the advertiser’s website, it will still ensure similarity and interest. For example: If our objective is selling women pants, a product carousel will be generated and shown to women that have visited the pants section from our website, but also to those who follow pants pages or brands, have liked a post with this item or have visited similar websites from Facebook.

During the creation of the ad, we can start using this option selecting “Broad Audience”. We recommend applying a gender and country filter before, and Facebook will do the rest. By now, the format is only available in the US but it won’t take so much time before we can see it in our feed.


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