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Take advantage of the Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Segmentation options are one of the strongest points when making Facebook Ads. Advanced tools let us use geolocation, fields of study or interests from every user. A level of precision that conventional media had never reached. And between all these options we find the Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences with an incredible potential but most times we just explore them in a superficial way. That’s why today we want to explore the possibilities these tools can provide to find the right target for your brand.

Custom Audiences are audiences created from a concrete segment of customers or people that interact with the brand. Now we’ll see the different options Facebook offers to all advertisers:


  • Custom audience from a database: these ones are generated importing contacts from an excel file with emails or phone numbers from potential customers (for example the ones subscribed to the newsletter) or through lists created on Mailchimp.
  • App activity: if a brand has an app and have integrated the SDK they will be able to create a custom audience of the users that download, open and use it. Then, if the objective is to build loyal customers in the app, they will be able to find this audience and promote a special action or a limited offer in app.
  • Engagement on Facebook. This option works from videos and Lead Ads forms and can segment users that have seen one of the videos published on your page or that have been impacted by a lead generation campaign. Thanks to custom audiences created from the people who has seen a video, brands can plan campaigns in different phases, starting with a video view campaign and following with a campaign with the same or different objective (for example website click or conversions) choosing to impact the users who had seen the video from the first phase of the campaign. The same retargeting strategy can be used with audiences created from the people impacted by a form, opening or filling it.
  • Website traffic: The fourth option allows the generation of custom audiences from the website visitors, but only if the brand has implemented the conversion pixel. In addition, integrating the different events of the pixel (add to cart, conversion, registration…) it is possible to apply advanced combinations with different parameters such as a time range or the number of times an action has been done, and generate audiences with a great potential. Some examples of these combinations are:
      • users that have added a product to the cart but haven’t bought it in the last two weeks → maybe they finally buy it if the brand offers them free shipping.
      • users that have visited the website 5 times in the last week → this audience can provide many conversions if they are impacted by an ad, as they have shown a great interest for the brand.
      • users that have visited specific categories of the website (for example beach collection)→ this option gives e-commerces with a wide range of products the possibility to re-impact people with an ad of a product or category they have shown interest for.
We can also segment people who have visited our website but they haven’t done it in the last 30 days. We can impact them so they start thinking about the brand again.
As said before, all these options are available only if the Facebook pixel is correctly installed.
Apart from custom audiences, Facebook offers the possibility to create lookalike audiences. These are users similar to the ones that connect with a brand and can be generated from different segments:
  • Page followers. It is the most common way to use them. Taking as a base the facebook fan page, we create an audience similar to the current followers. This lookalike ranges between 1% and 10%. 1% is the most similar audience and 10% the less similar. The smaller this similitude is, the more people there will be in the segment. The key is being able to find the equilibrium between a good similitude level and a suitable size of the audience, adapted to the budget.

  • Custom Audiences. In this case we can generate audiences from any of the custom audiences mentioned before. 
  • Users that have interacted with previous campaigns. This functionality is not available on Facebook but we have integrated it in our creation platform Adsmurai Marketing Platform and it allows the creation of lookalike audiences of users that have interacted with the brand before, taking advantage of this interest shown, beyond interests or behaviors.
From now on you shouldn’t forget these segmentation options because finding the right target means half the success of the campaign. Separated, together or combining them, take advantage of the Custom and Lookalike Audiences in your social advertising strategy or trust Adsmurai and we will do it for you.

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