Social Media Advertising Trends 2017

Social Media Advertising Trends 2017

We are in the final stretch of the year and the digital sector is beginning to show new changes, strategies and formats, which will consolidate in the coming months. In Adsmurai we have done an analysis and here we show you 10 trends in social media advertising for 2017.

1. Hot Video: Periscope, Facebook Live or Snapchat will lead the new era of engagement, defined as being: video, hyper-relevant and real time. Quality will have more importance than quantity and these platforms still have much to discover.
2. Social Chat Bots: Users are looking for speed and personalization when dealing with brands. Thanks to Facebook, both needs will be covered with messaging bots, which will offer automated customer support and will be a support for the brands.
3. UGC Boom: With million of images uploaded every day to social networks, today any user can be a brand ambassador. Leveraging this bond will enhance brand awareness and meet creative needs.

4. Content with expiration date: Snapchat was born betting on the self-destructible content and there are several clones of the social network, starting with Instagram Stories. This trend will consolidate, starting with the newly announced WhatsApp Status.
5. Mobile First: The traffic in mobile has surpassed for the first time the one realized from a computer and more than 2 trillion consumers today possess a Smartphone.

It is necessary to create specific user experiences for these devices and brands that ignore it can see their results decrease.
6. Personalization: Among all the content users are exposed to day by day, they will only stop their eyes on those they feel is addressed to them specifically. Segmentation tools and data uploaded to the network by themselves facilitate the task.
7. Yes to automation: Software and automation tools have become essential for companies that dedicate efforts to marketing and advertising in social networks. Depending on your objective, good software will improve your results and lower costs.

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8. Instagram Ads & Brand Awareness: 2016 has been the first full year of advertising on Instagram. New formats and types of creatives have made their way and seem endless. According to eMarketer, in 2017 the advertising in Instagram will exceed in investment to that of Google and Twitter.
9. Life Shopping: Increasing sales is the main objective of those who invest in social networks. New Facebook formats such as Dynamic Ads and Dynamic Ads for Retail will continue to facilitate the buying process, increase interest and improve results, now also in physical stores.
10. Branded Content and Influencers: Branded Content, which is gaining more weight in conventional advertising, also reaches social networks through a specific format on Facebook. The use of this type of advertising and specifically this format will allow less intrusive advertising, more reliable and better valued by the user.
Keep these trends in mind when designing your social media strategy for next year. In addition, for all the latest industry news you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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