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Digital Marketing

diseño responsive

Responsive Design: The Key to a Perfect User Experience on All Devices

Responsive design has become a necessity in today's digital world, where users access the web from a variety of devices such as computers, cell...

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LinkedIn Ads: How to create an effective campaign on the platform

LinkedIn Ads has become a key tool in the digital advertising landscape, as it has a unique approach and the ability to reach a highly targeted and...

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How micro-influencers can increase conversions

The boom in social media marketing has made collaborating with large influencers a luxury available to few brands. For this reason, micro-influencers...

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optimizacion creativa en marketing digital

Best practices for digital marketing creative optimization

Creative testing and optimization in digital marketing is very important because it allows professionals to improve the effectiveness of their...

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funnel conversion

Conversion Funnel: What is it and how to use it in your digital marketing strategies?

The conversion funnel is one of the digital marketing tools par excellence, especially for e-commerce. Knowing in depth the phases that form it and...

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Digital marketing trends for 2023

10 key digital marketing trends for 2023

Last year we talked about the expansion of programmatic advertising; the arrival of shopping solutions on TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest; and the...

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Snap targeting

Snapchat Ads: Learn the key points about audience segments

When we talk about the Snapchat audience, we are referring to approximately more than 347 million users globally. The countries with the most...

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TikTok Shopping Ads

TikTok Shopping Ads: What they are and how they work

TikTok Shopping is proof that social networks are no longer just for socializing, but have also become tools capable of increasing sales. Recently,...

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metricas facebook ads

Basic metrics guide to measuring your Facebook ads

When it comes to launching a Facebook Ads campaign, we are faced with a large number of decisions that we must make in order for our ads to achieve...

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DV360 Google

Everything you should know about Google Display & Video 360 (DV360)

Managing a Paid Media campaign involves making many decisions like choosing a target, finding the audience to impact, getting suitable placements for...

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